Significance of Parents’ Understanding & Cooperation for Students’ Learning Success

As Assumption University fully realizes the importance of the parents or guardians’ cooperation to the students’ academic success and achievements, the Parent Orientation Meeting is organized every year.  To this end, this year’s Parent Orientation was organized on September 19, 2020 at Suvarnabhumi Campus for their general guidelines and directions aimed at achieving the above mentioned purpose.


Parents Viewed the Exhibition Displaying Students’ Works & Activities


After viewing the organized exhibition showcasing students’ impressive activities, the participated parents were exposed to the “Introductory Video Highlighting the AU’s Ultimate Mission & General Background and Information” in preparation for the major meeting features.







  AU Rector’s Welcome Speech & Lecture

Realizing the AU’s vital educational performance excellence, Rev. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, stressed during his delivered lecture on the “Envisioned Efficient Educational Management and Quality Graduates” after his proper welcoming speech. The highlights of his lecture covered the following issues:

“The present world is in the state of flux, witnessing constant changes, unprecedented complexity, fierce competition requiring absolutely new practices or behaviors. The business corporations’ reduction in sizes greatly impact unemployment opportunities and to a certain extent the private universities’ situations and enrollment. Yet, another major case for the AU to be proud of is his HM the queen’s visit to the AU in 2019 and HM the king mentioning to Pope “Francis” during his royal audience that the queen also graduated from the Catholic University. Additionally, both their majesties the King and Queen have been conferred upon Honorary Doctoral Degrees by Assumption University. The AU’s derived income is projected towards developing the qualification of faculty members, staff and quality curriculums.

The AU’s noble mission is speared headed towards to the four major areas: teaching & learning, researches, social services and the maintenance of Thai valuable Arts and Cultures. The AU mission is, moreover, reiterated of its being the lights leading people to the truths, religious practices, and life purpose. In line with this ideal, the ethical & and moral education is administered to students throughout their four years’ of education; addressing the fact that current society is evident with degrading moral issues and rampant corruptions. The AU’s multi-faceted educational method involves overall physical, metal, intelligent, emotional, social, spiritual, self-control, problem-solving and creative thinking aspects; with required nutritional food for health. Religion is to coexist with the educational development. Learning success is dependent on individual students and their blended relationships with faculty members, other students and friends. Assumption University is compared to a gold mind from which students can mind or dig up the precious gold as much as they can. The four years’ education is aimed at developing students English language competency & fluency: listening, speaking, reading and writing, however, these come with their diligence and efforts. Students hard-work, commitment, parents’ distant monitoring, wise counsel, cooperation, relative freedom, and certain degree of students’ activity involvement, etc., can potentially contribute to their success”.


Lecture on Guidelines for Students’ Practical Learning Process by Vice Rector for Administrative & Student Affairs

The following lecture on related “Guidelines for Students’ Developments through Students’ Extra-Curricular, Learning, Useful Activities and Proper Learning Process through their Practical and Direct Experiences” given by Rev. Bro. Dr. Achin Tengtrakul, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Acting Vice President for Student Affairs, with the following heighted aspects.  

Scopes of various Existing Student Affairs Divisions with their entrusted responsibilities:

1. Center for Career Development and Counseling (CCDC): Organizing orientation meetings, student trainings, counseling sessions, career related fairs for employment opportunity, student job training & internships, exhibition of students’ activities and AU alumni networks, contacts or relationship developments.

2. Center for Student Leadership and Experiential Learning: Student related development activities, student leadership skills development activities, students proper attitude towards society, issuance of permitted documents for various activities, and foreign students relations.

3. Center for Student Personality and Campus Life: Students’ rules, regulations and disciplines and student military training.
4. Center for Sports and Physical Fitness: organizing sports activities, competitions & programs, provision of scholarships to student athletes and maintenance & upkeep of sports complexes, facilities and equipment.

5. Office of the Thai Art and Culture: organizing traditional festivities, royal birthday celebrations and encouragement of both local and international students’ involvement in various activities.

6. Financial Assistance Division: coordination & provision and management of student loan funds.

7. AU Residence Hall: management of inside dormitories consisting of 3 main buildings in addition to student services for fitness, exercising and quality of life.

 Lecture on Students’ Learning Success by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Dr. Vindhai Cocracul, Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivered the final message on “Teaching and Learning Systems & Students’ Academic Success” covering the following major points:
- Assuring quality teaching- learning systems of faculty members; students to complete required 142 credits; maintaining a GPA of 2.00 for undergraduate programs and at least 3.00 rate of Graduate programs.

- Students re-entry rules, regulations and pertaining criteria; with concerned deans’ approval.

- Students’ maintenance of 80% class attendance (class absences not exceeding 20%) with parents’ ability to follow up & monitoring of their student status; through AU SPARK on the App Store.

- Students’ freedom in selection of their preferred & favorite study programs and flexibility of credit transfer.

- Students’ honesty, examination cheating to affect failing in all subjects or temporary suspension from study.

- Students’ ability to register for at least 21 credits per semester/term and graduate within 3.5 years.
- Students’ excellent academic achievements of up to GPA 3.85 qualifying them for scholarships while those earning a GPA of 3.50 or up entitling them for graduation with honors.

Learning Objectives:
1. Obtaining thorough knowledge in their disciplines and their career success.
2. Gaining excellent English language skills for effective communication.
3. Development of their entrepreneurships.
4. Social and moral responsibility to society: students must exhibit utmost efforts and perseverance.


Question & Answer Session:

The last part was focused on the question & answer session between parents and the AU Administrators moderated by the Student Affairs’ Officers.   


Question 1: Has the IT been developed and integrated into the online teaching-learning systems?

Answer: by Dr. Songsak Channarukul, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Public Relations, Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology:
“During the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, AU has fully utilized the IT into the online learning-teaching mode with the proper teachers’ training in making use of the IT, preparation & demonstration of needed teaching facilities & equipment for faculty members resulting in adequate lesson plans’ preparation, announcements of class & examination schedules, effective communication among faculties, lecturers, students and at the same time parents can view students’ related progress: online class schedules, students’ study results, etc., through the AU SPARK the App Store with the students’ assistance & permission.

Question 2: The procedure of changing the major & department or subject withdraw?

Answer: by Dr. Vindhai Cocracul.
“Students can change their department & major subjects with their parents’ approval and only some certain subjects may be transferred. As to the withdrawal of subjects, students may consult the concerned subject teachers, and withdrawal must be done before the first day of final examination. In the event students do not appear for the examination of any subjects, those missing subjects are considered immediately withdrawn.

Dr. Vindhai Cocracul further stressed that During the Covid 19 pandemic, the University has helped to relieve the parents’ financial burden by:

- Reduction of study maintenance fees by 25% to be deducted from the 1/2020 semester. The 1/2020 Academic Year’s final examination is schedule on October 1-16, 2020 while the 2/2020 Academic Year’s final examination will commence on November 12, 2020. AU Scholarship is divided into two types:
1. First entry scholarship.
2. Scholarship for students with academic excellence.  

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