In an initiative to fortify the understanding and implementation of personal data protection, Assumption University of Thailand (AU), in collaboration with DBC Group Co., Ltd., successfully hosted an enlightening seminar on the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), titled "A Brief Sharing for Lasting Protection." The comprehensive program was meticulously organized at the university's Salle d ’Expo Room, Hua Mak Campus, on April 10, 2024.

Dr. Vindhai Cocracul

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sthianrapab Naluang

Dr. Vindhai Cocracul, Advisor for Academic Affairs and Asst. Prof. Dr. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean of Thomas Aquinas School of Law, AU underscored the event's significance with his opening quote: "In our digital age, the PDPA is not just legislation, but a covenant that binds us to the ethical stewardship of personal data. This seminar serves as a beacon, guiding us toward responsible and informed data governance." This set the stage for a day focused on illuminating the complexities of data protection law. On this occasion, DBC Group Co., Ltd. also provided 1,500 Fundamentals of PDPA E-Learning Accounts which is worth 4.5 million Baht to Assumption University's personnel for PDPA self-learning and enhancing data protection system of the organization.

The seminar program included:

  • Welcome Address from Dean of School of Law and Dr. Udompipok Phaikaset, Chief Executive Officer, DBC Group Company Limited, establishing the tone for the day's focus on data privacy.
  • A significant MoU Signing Ceremony on Academic Collaboration between AU. and DBC Group was held, heralding a new chapter in the shared vision of advancing data protection education.
  • The seminar's core, the PDPA Keynote Session titled "The Importance of Personal Data Protection Laws, and Top 5 Compliance Challenges and Best Practices" was presented by Mr. Sukris Koyakradej, Chief PDPA Consultant and Auditor, DBC Group Co., Ltd. The session detailed vital PDPA compliance challenges such as the DPO Dilemma, Data Mapping and Inventory, and Consent Management, among others.
  • The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where Mr. Sanpob Pornuwattanakij, Lawyer and Board Committee, and Mr. Aek Wonganant, Lecturer at Thomas Aquinas School of Law, AU, provided expert responses to participants' queries.

The seminar concluded with Dean of School of Law closing remarks that highlighted the university's commitment to enhancing privacy awareness and upholding ethical standards in data management.

AU continues to demonstrate leadership in addressing the evolving needs of our digitally interconnected world. By hosting events that promote understanding of critical legislation like the PDPA, the university is setting a standard for privacy education in the region.

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