Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science Website
Reference : Undergraduate Bulletin 2015-2016
Curriculum Structure  
Courses Credits
General Education Courses 30
- Social Science Courses  4
- Humanities Courses
- Language Courses 15 
- Science and Mathematics Courses
Specialized Course  109
- Basic Professional Courses 28
- Professional Courses 81
Free Elective Courses 6
Total 145


The Nursing Science Program of Au aims to educate qualified professional nursing graduates who:

  1. Exercise leadership, moral and ethical mind in daily life and working;
  2. Demonstrate sense of maturity; assertiveness and social accountability;
  3. Have knowledge in nursing science and related sciences, and able to apply it in nursing practice by demonstrating professionalism and good management;
  4. Have ability and skills in nursing informatics, numerical and statistics analysis;
  5. Use critical thinking skills in problem solving and utilize the scientific process in conducting research;
  6. Able to establish interpersonal relationships and effectively collaborate among health care team;
  7. Able to communicate in English with clients and health care team effectively by being multicultural sensitive;
  8. Perform nursing practice with caring and compassionate attitude according to the role and scope of the profession, and the professional code of ethics in providing holistic health services using client-centered approach;
  9. Demonstrate faith and good attitude toward nursing profession and perform self development for the professional growth.


Assumption University confers the degree of Bachelor of Nursing Science to students who meet all the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 145 credits of the program
  • Obtain at least “C” grade in all professional courses
  • Participate in 16 sessions of the student assembly in Business and Professional Ethics Seminar
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 (“C” average)
  • Demonstrate good behavior and self-discipline by obtaining at least 70% of disciplinary scores
  • Have library and financial clearance with the university


General Education Courses 30 Credits


Language Courses 15 Credits
BG 1001 English I 3
BG 1002 English II 3
BG 2000 English III 3
BG 2001 English IV 3
GE 1401 Language and Communication Skills (For International students) 3
GE 1403 Communication in Thai (For Thai students) 3

Specialized Courses 109 Credits

Basic Professional Courses

Basic Professional Courses 28 Credits
NB 1202 Anatomy 3
NB 1203 Physiology 3
NB 1205 Biochemistry 3
NB 1207 Microbiology and Parasitology 3
NB 1210 Pathophysiology 3
NB 1212 Nutrition for Healthy Life Style 3
NB 2209 Pharmacology 3
NB 2211 Multiculutralism in Health Care 1
NB 2212 Psychology and Mental Health 2
NB 2213 Health Innovation and Knowledge Management 1
NB 4201 Entrepreneurship in Health Care 3