Graduating students, Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University, organized marketing and branding communication showcase (Advertising Workshop 2016: AD of Thrones) at The Residence, Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel from 11.00 – 15.30 on Friday, 12th May 2017. The objective was for students to apply knowledge about strategic marketing communication, branding strategy and advertising in a real-life situation. This presentation was a simulation of what is called in the advertising industry, “Pitching” or the presentation to the clients. Not only the clients, but the representatives from well-known advertising agencies joined in, who we were honored that they were commentators for the graduating students. Besides, the winning teams will get a certificate exclusively from the clients cooperating with the university.

This year we are proud to present the showcase under the theme “Ad of Throne, ”sponsorred by 3 well known brands in the market which are “Yayoi,” Japanese restaurant, “Glendee,”, Potato stick and “Kidkid,” Chewing gum. As each of the brand has its own territory, to win the throne, the brands have to rely on the insightful facts of the consumer. There will be only one brand that can conquer the throne for each of the territory and win the heart of the consumer.

(Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, Rector Magnicus (Middle), Assumption University took a group photo with the lecturers of the advertising department, Aj. Nutthaphut Pandjad, Aj. Pissacha Hemvachirayarakon, Aj. Chutinun Kaewkatorn, Aj. Pitchanut Nueangjamnong, Aj. Kwanta Sirivajjanangkul, Aj. Prichaya Manmin (back row from left to right), Aj. Arphasri Sothonvit, Aj. Duangporn Supanvanij, Aj. Parichart Wongweeranonchai, Aj. Chulamani Chantarawandi, Chairperson of the Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Aj. Jariya Wu (front row from left to right) and Ms. Supanida Charussrivisit, Graduating Student President of the Department of Advertising.)

(Aj. Chulamani Chantarawandi, Chairperson of the Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Khun Chaisiri Kongsuphamanon, Vice President of Greenday Global Co.,Ltd., Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President – Rector Magnificus, Khun Kittiya Wannasuree, Japanese Business Unit Director of MK Interfood Co.,Ltd., Khun Yossarun Thamkongka, Managing Director of MS Group Co.,Ltd., Aj. Korn Poonsirivong, Associate Dean of Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, and Aj. Yossapol Chutipanyabut, Assistant to the Dean of Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, pictured together in the Advertising Workshop Showcase 2016.)

(Khun Puangpen Saengphet, Vice President of Product & Marketing Communication Division, TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Aj. Chulamani Chantarawandi, Chairperson of the Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts.)

(Khun Pittayaphan Sriweawnetr, Business Director, the agency J. Walter Thomson Bangkok and Khun Pansoon Sukontapatipark, Executive Creative Director, Amex Team Advertising.)

(Khun Chavalit Srimankongtham, DJ and Actor.)

In this year, the winning team for the Japanese restaurant “Yayoi” went to “Team Addicted” under the concept of “Cook Count,” for the Potato Stick “Glendee” the winning team went to “Team A Hook” under the concept of “Mun Mun Babb Mai-Mun (Potato chips are fun, not oily),” and for the chewing gum “Kidkid” the winning team went to “Team Survivor” under the concept of “Classic Confident.”

A. Chulamani Chantarawandi, Chairperson of the Department of Advertising said, “This year, the theme AD of Thrones reflects the work and ideas of students who have studied and worked very hard in order to offer marketing communication and brand strategies to our clients. These strategies can help supply the power for the clients to conquer their thrones in the market.”

A. Chulamani continued that “I feel happy for my students. I have worked with them for many months and to some for many years. As a teacher, I want them to know that life is not easy. And to be successful in life, one needs to be persistent and positive. Learning is a life-long experience. Bachelor degrees are not about remembering content from textbooks or assignments. It is in fact a chapter of life that prepares a person to be ready for any challenges in life.”

Miss Supanida Charussrivisit, Student President, Department of Advertising said, “Workshop and showcase have given us lots of lesson, especially working as a team. They help us know that to work in advertising fields, we cannot work alone and just stick with our own idea. We need every member of the group to work together in order to push our work towards the goals successfully. The path to success might be rough, caused by the conflict of each individual’s own thoughts and ideas. However, if we can deal with it and get over all the problems wisely, we will surely be ready to face with real work life outside the university.”

Miss Supanida continued that “For me, workshop and showcase are like long boat race in which everyone in the team needs to help each other paddle the boat strongly, in order to move the boat to finish line before other teams do. If only one person in the team stops paddling the boat, the boat will go slower and finally lose to other stronger boats that have full harmony from every member in the team.”

From the winning team of Yayoi, Ms. Chollada Pitakkorn, representative from the “Addicted” talked about the concept “First of all, our team focused on changing the perception and attitude of consumers towards the brand. In particular, for Yayoi, the cooking process is not yet up to standard from the consumer’s point of view and most of the consumers do not know that Yayoi is originally from Japan. Therefore, we had come up with our big idea ‘Cook Count’. The big idea is used to communicate Yayoi’s cooking process that they actually use a technique of timing. Besides, our campaign tagline is ‘The counting cooking time technique originally from Japan’ will reassure consumers about the brand origin and raise up the brand credibility.”

Ms. Chollada Pitakkorn expresses her feelings of winning “Of course I am happy but I can’t say that we’re not tired because other groups were probably working just as hard, but what makes our group the winner might be due to the satisfaction of the customers or more possibility for what they see from the campaign. This will also be very useful for us because it adds confidence into our work and it is possible to apply what we have learnt from this real life situations, in our future careers.”

(Khun Kittiya Wannasuree, Japanese Business Unit Director, MK Interfood Co., Ltd. Presented the certificate to team Addicted.)

From the winning team of Glendee, Ms. Manunchaya Wangsri, representative from “A Hook” talked about the concept “Actually, our group got the concept of ‘Mun Mun Babb Mai-Mun (Potato chips are fun, not oily)’ from an analysis of our product insight and consumer’s insight. Our product used real potato which refers to the first ‘Mun (in Thai meaning potato)’ and since our targets are the people who like to do all sorts of fun activities, not only by themselves but also with their friends which they refer to as ‘Muns (meaning “Fun” in Thai)’ and lastly, ‘Mai-Mun (meaning “Not Oily” in Thai)’ we got this from the product insight. Our potato is made by the process of vacuum fried which make it less oily and also keeps the real taste of potato. This is why we can guarantee consumers that consuming Glendee, they will not only feel a great taste but it is also healthy.”

Ms. Manunchaya Wangsri expresses her feelings of winning “I’m very happy. I never thought that we would win, but I think that our group did our best. It was tough for us during the project. We have to use our knowledge from other courses for this workshop campaign. Luckily, we've got the great team members as we all help each other in every step. Even if we did not win, we still have friends who always understand each other and enjoy the fun together and by that we have overcome many obstacles. It made me think that even though the workshop is tough, but if we support each other it will all be fine in the end. We got scolded together and we got praised together. We walked pass this together and we did our best.”

(Khun Chaisiri Kongsuphamanon, Vice President of Greenday Global Co., Ltd., presented the certificate to team A Hook.)

From the winning team of Kidkid, Mr. Thatsaphon Techawattanasirikul, representative from “Survivor” talked about the concept “The brand is confident in itself and has the classiness of Thai origin which is the strength of Kidkid. This originality and classiness of Thai brand matches with our new generation of Kidkid consumers’ personality which are sincerity and sophistication. Therefore, these points make us believe and confidently think that Kidkid can be positioned differently from other brands by using our originality.”

Mr. Thatsaphon Techawattanasirikul expresses his feelings of winning “We feel very happy and thankful for everything. Thank you for our team’s members, for all the support from our parents and teachers. Our thanks also go Google, Power Point, Adobe, and a dormitory common room which has provided us a working space throughout the months. Thank you convenient stores for the coffee and Thank you everyone.”

(Khun Yossarun Thamkongka, Managing Director of MS Group Co., Ltd. presented the certificate to team Survivor.)

Khun Theeravee Jiravong, Yayoi Marketing Manager of MK Interfood Co., Ltd. said, “It’s been an honour that I’m here today to take a peek at the future of the advertising community. I’ve been in the pitching room and found out that these students did their best and researched well based on their presentations. Moreover, I love the idea that the students are not afraid to think out of the box. It really lures the consumer in by all the creative ideas. Nevertheless, I would like to let them keep in mind that a right or wrong decision is a part of life lesson and it is always acceptable to be wrong at some points in life.”

(Khun Theeravee Jiravong (third from left), Yayoi Marketing Manager and representatives from MK Interfood Co., Ltd. pictured together with Aj. Pissacha Hemvachirayarakon.)

Khun Chaisiri Kongsuphamanon, Vice President of Greenday Global Co., Ltd. said, “From seeing every piece of work, I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and all the students for the wonderful and interesting presentations. The firm will use the tactics and ideas from each group and use it in the future for sure.”

Khun Chaisiri Kongsuphamanon continued that, “Second of all, I would like to tell all the students and that being in the classroom is counted as an experience and being outside facing the real world would be another big experience in life. I would want them to keep in the back of their mind that teamwork is the key.”

(Khun Chaisiri Kongsuphamanon (second from left), Vice President and representatives from Greenday Global Co.,Ltd.

Khun Yossarun Thamkongka, Managing Director of MS Group Co., Ltd. said, “After having a chance to see the showcase, I considered that the ideas that students gave out are interesting and triggered us in some ways. I have to say that Kidkid is not as well-known among the chewing gum market but after every presentation, it reminds us that Kidkid has a strong origin and still has a chance to be one of the well-known brands amongst the market itself. The ideas from every group are interesting and some ideas have possibilities for us to work on in the future.”

Khun Yossarun Thamkongka continued that “Thinking out of the box is a good thing and it is the way that every student is doing right now. Everyone did a great job. The students did great with their ideas which eventually will attract the consumer for sure.”

(Khun Yossarun Thamkongka (third from left), Managing Director and representatives from the company MS Group Co.,Ltd.

Khun Charnchai Mahantakhun, Managing Director of Inchcape (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “The theme ‘Ad of Thrones’ seems to be inspired by the series ‘Game of Throne,’ that is a very creative idea to name a showcase and also very entertaining. However, the part that impressed me the most would be the effort that each student had put into their work. From my work experiences comparing with advertising students, it shows that they are not afraid to put their ideas in each piece of work.”

Khun Kwanta Sirivajjanangkul, Deputy Director of Luxellence Center added, “From walking around to observe each pitching room and attending every year workshop showcase, I feel like every year is an improvement. I am so proud to say that every student dares and is eager to put their creativeness into their work without hesitation.”

(Khun Charnchai Mahantakhun, Managing Director of Inchcape (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Khun Kwanta Sirivajjanangkul, Deputy Director from Luxellence Center.

Khun Yata Onin, Chief Commercial Officer of All Coco Group Co., Ltd. said, “Every group came up with their creative and great ideas. Overall, every student did their homework, but still improvement can be put into their work as well. For example, they might focus more on a campaign budget or consider more about a variety of target such as rural people or the elderly.”

(Khun Yata Onin (second from left), Chief Commercial Officer and the representatives from the company All Coco Group Co., Ltd., posed for a group photo with Aj. Chulamani Chantarawandi, Chairperson of the Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University.)