A big round of applause goes out to AU winning team who competed at the “TMA สร้างนักบริหาร ดีและเก่ง”, focused on “Social Marketing Competition on Royal Project “, hosted by TMA, on June 5, 2014.

Other notable competing teams were from Thammasat University, Kasetsart University, Rajamangala University of Technology, etc.  The prize amount ranged from B.200,000 to B.25,000 for winners.

Above picture shows AU-students compete with their well-developed “social marketing plan of Royal project”.  AU students from Martin de Tours School of Management & Economics (MSME) with a huge time commitment, spending their invaluable time on preparation finally won the “MERIT AWARD” in the competition.  The picture below shows the winning team with Cash Prize Award.




Apart from competitions, students also had the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills through TMA seminar participation. Various eminent business professional speakers addressed the following topics:

-How to write an effective marketing plan

-Social business for sustainability

-Marketing for social business”

-Social media management for successful marketing

-Professional presentation technique

 AU team "Tam Roy Laa (ตามรอยลา)" consists of:

1) Ms.Awasada Charoenwanich (IBM, Minor Marketing)

2) Mr.Jiravuth Thienprapan  ( MKT, Plan A-IMC)

3) Ms.Kullanit Chamchoi  ( MKT, Plan A-IMC)

4) Ms.Pitchaya ( MKT, Plan A-IMC)

5) Ms.Piyawan Tulyakul  ( MKT, Plan A-IMC)

6) Ms.Sutathip Krisarin  ( MKT, Plan A-IMC)

Thanks to all those who participated in the TMA competition. We look forward to the 2014-2015 Student Competitions, which will be notified soon, and active participation from students as ever.

Advisor: A.Porameth Tosupant