In the wake of the solemn ceremony honoring the life and legacy of Rev. Bro. Simeon Anupatt Petchara-Yuttachai, The Great Professor of the Order of St. Gabriel, Assumption University of Thailand (AU) extends its deepest gratitude to all who have expressed their condolences and remembrance through wreaths and displays of affection. The outpouring of support and respect for Rev. Bro. Simeon from faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the university has been both overwhelming and profoundly touching.

Each wreath and display brought to the ceremony not only adorned the space with beauty and reverence but also served as a testament to the far-reaching impact of Rev. Bro. Simeon's dedication to education, faith, and community. The Assumption University community is heartened by this collective tribute and wishes to thank everyone for their thoughtful expressions of sympathy and solidarity during this time of loss.

As we continue to reflect on Rev. Bro. Simeon's remarkable contributions, let us carry forward his spirit of kindness, wisdom, and service in our own lives and communities.

List of Wreath

1. Companies and Institution

  1. Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, Head Office
  2. Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, Assumption University's Branch
  3. Camillian Hospital
  4. Asumption Personnel Development Company Limited
  5. New Muang Thong Furnitech Company Limited and Affiliated Companies

2. People

  1. Rev. Bro. Dr. Dechachai Sripicharn, Provincial Superior of Montfort Brother of St. Gabriel
  2. Dr. Sumit Petcharapirat, President of Confederation of St. Gabriel's Alumni Association of Thailand (CGA)
  3. Dr. Thanachai Teerapattanawong, President of Assumption Commercial College Alumni Association
  4. General, Pornsin - Wilailak Pongsuwan
  5. Khun Kris Chantanotoke, CEO, Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
  6. Khun Kettiwit Sittisunthornwong, LEO, Global Logistics Public Company Limited
  7. Dr. Kamol - Naiyana Kitsawad
  8. Dr. Churdchai Cheowtirakul
  9. Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamolnate - Jirawat Maleenon
  10. Maggie Yiyao Zeng
  11. Charoensi's Family
  12. Montfortian Thai

3. Associations

  1. Saint Gabriel Foundation Thailand
  2. Confederation of St. Gabriel's Foundation of Thailand Parent and Teacher Association
  3. The Assumption College Rayong Parents and Teachers Association
  4. Assumption College Rayong Alumni Association
  5. Saint Gabriel's Alumni Association
  6. Assumption College Sriracha Alumni Association
  7. Assumption Commercial College Parents and Teacher Association

4. Schools and Others

  1. Saint Louis School Chachoengsao
  2. Montfort College Primary Section
  3. Montfort College
  4. Assumption Samutprakarn School
  5. Assumption Commercial College
  6. Saint Gabriel's College
  7. Assumption College Primary Section
  8. Assumption College
  9. Assumption College Thonburi
  10. Assumption College Lampang
  11. Assumption College Ubonratchathani
  12. Assumption College Sriracha
  13. Assumption College Nakhonratchasima
  14. Assumption College Rayong
  15. Assumption College English Program
  16. Assumption Technical School Nakhon Phanom
  17. Newarksathan de Montfort
  18. St. Louis Mary Juniorate
  19. Saint Gabriel's Scholasticate
  20. Montfort Home for Education
  21. Brother Bernard Foundation

5. Assumption University of Thailand

  1. Assumption University of Thailand
  2. Graduate School of Human Sciences
  3. Department of Accountancy, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics
  4. Louis Nobiron School of Music
  5. Thomas Aquinas School of Law
  6. Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts
  7. Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology
  8. Vincent Mary School of Engineering
  9. Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology
  10. Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design
  11. Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science
  12. Confucius Institute at Assumption University
  13. Student Affairs
  14. Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
  15. Office of Vice President for Administrative Affairs
  16. Office of The University Registrar
  17. Central Library
  18. Office of Human Resources Management
  19. Office of Financial Management
  20. Office of Inventory Management
  21. Office of Information Technology Services
  22. Assumption University Student Organization
  23. Assumption University Savings & Credit Cooperatives Limited
  24. Asst. Prof. Dr. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean, Thomas Aquinas School of Law

6. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni

  1. Assumption University Alumni Association Committee of 14
  2. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 7
  3. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 8
  4. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 9
  5. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 10
  6. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 13/2
  7. Assumption University of Thailand Alumni Class 14