In Remembrance of King Buddha Lert La Nabhalai (King Rama II), 21st July

H.M. King Buddha Lert La Nabhalai
(King Rama II)
(1809 - 1824)

In the reign of King Rama II, it is known as the age of a romantic life, and a colourful period of the literature, poetry and fine arts. King Rama II was born on 24th February 1767, it was in a period of the fall of Ayuthaya, his birthplace was at the District of Amphawa, the Province of Samut Songkram, his original name was Chim and came to the throne in 1809. He died on July 21, 1824, Bangkok.

The Golden Age of Thai Literature

In the reign of King Rama II, it was recognized as the period of the golden age of Thai literature, because Thailand at the time was in a peaceful condition, no enemy, no rebellion, the King and the people had an interest in reading and writing Thai literature, the king himself paid attention to Thai literature, and writing books literature, as a profession, the King wrote Thai literature on the titles as follows

  1. Ramakien (The long poem which tells adventure of Phra Rama from the epic legend of Indian literature)
  2. Inao (The ancient Indonesian history, a romantic lives and fighting among the rulers of the Kingdoms)
  3. Drama Writing on the story of Sungthong

Sunthorn Phu a Colourful Poet of Bangkok period

In Remembrance of King Buddha Lert La Nabhalai (King Rama II)

Sunthorn Phu is a master of Thai poetry, he was born on 26th June 1786, his father was the native of Ban Karum Location, District of Glaeng, Rayong Province When Sunthorn Phu was two years old, his mother divorced his father, and she stayed at Wang Lhung as a nurse who took care the baby of the daughter of the second King, Sunthorn Phu lived with his mother and he studied at Wat Cheepakhao (now Wat Srisudaram), he had a characteristic of romance, and became married for a short period and divorced Later is the reign of King Rama II he volunteered to work the palace of the second King as royal scribe (a man who write letters and document of the King), before a printing machine was introduced to Thailand. Sunthors Phu was established on the royal position as Phra Sunthorn Vohal, the head of the royal scribes of the second King (Phae Pinklao) in the reign of King Rame IV and he died in 1855.

King Rama II Memorial Park

In Remembrance of King Buddha Lert La Nabhalai (King Rama II)

This park was built under the project to honour King Rama II, run by the King Rama II Phraboromrachanusorn Foundation under royal patronage. It is built to commemorate his great patron to the arts and Culture, which become a national heritage.

This park was built to honor King Rama II and is run by a royally-supported foundation. King Rama II was awarded the status of Person of the World by UNESCO for his contributions to the arts and Culture of Thailand, and his achievements are celebrated in this compound. In addition, the King Rama II Museum, composed of four buildings, houses artifacts from the early Rattanakosin era, King Rama II's household furniture, and showcases the lives of Thais during the king's reign.

King Rama II-The King who philosophized about fine arts, literature and musics.


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