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Among the available services and assistance provided to AU International students by numerous University  units or sections, the International Affairs Office's important  functions is also to coordinate and render ready assistance through co-ordination,  to the students whenever required. 


Under such scope, Mr. Glen Vivian Chatelier Director, Office of International Affairs, recently paid a special visit to the Study Room, 4th floor, AU Library, Hua Mak Campus,  where many AU  International Graduate  students spend their time studying and reviewing their lessons. 

Mr.  Chatelier met with a number of International  students from: China P.R., Myanmar,  Vietnam,  India, Burkina Faso and Malawi,  inquiring about their general well being especially during the Covid-19 outbreak; expressing concern, encouragement and moral support; and informing them  that the International Affairs Office is readily available to render needed services or support.  


Located on the 1st Floor, L Building, Hua Mak Campus, students may contact the office for any required assistance or call (66) 0-2300-4543-62 Ext. 3728, 3729. Website:



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