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In promoting academic writing competency and higher order thinking skill to students in Ph.D. Educational Administration and Leadership program, our program by the program faculty members had assigned and encouraged all students to produce the quality of academic articles and research articles to publish in the peer-review journals both national and international levels.

The number of publications both academic article and research article in the period of time from November 2020 to June 2021 are as follows.

No. Academic Article/ Research Article
1 Guan, W. (2021). The Complexities and Moral Conflicts of Chinese Students’ Adaption for Overseas Classes. Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies, 8(1), 1-12, January-June 2021.
DOI: 10.14456/rjes.2021.1
2 Guan, W. (2021). English Program Service Quality and Student Satisfaction at a Southern Chinese University: An Empirical Study Utilizing and Important-Performance Analysis (IPA) Matrix. Journal of Studies in Education. DOI: 10.5296/jse.v11i2.18445
3 Guan, W. & Mhunpiew, N. (2021). What Strategies Should Southern Chinese Universities Undertake to Successfully Recruit and Retain Female Native English-Speaking Teachers (NESTs). APHEIT, 10(1), 99 -114, January-June, 2021.
4 Han, H. & Yang, Y. (2021). Paternal Leadership and Its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in the Chinese Differential Mode of Association. APHEIT, 10(1), 89-98, January-June, 2021.
5 Husain, F. N. (2021). Cheating – A Moral Dilemma Influencing Academic Dishonesty. APHEIT, 10(1), 137-148, January-June, 2021.
6 Husain, F. N. (2021). Use of Digital Assessments how to Utilize Digital Bloom to Accommodate Online Learning and Assessments? Asian Journal of Education and Training, 7(1) 30-36.
DOI: 10.20448/journal.522.2021.71.30.35
7 Li, X. & Li, M. (2021).The Effect of Large and Small Class Size in Compulsory Education in ChinaRangsit Journal of Educational Studies, 8(1), 46-58, January-June 2021.
DOI: 10.14456/rjes.2021.
8 Liu, J. & Chen, M. (2021). VUCA Approach to Adapting Presidents’ Leadership Styles in China’s Application-oriented Higher Education Institutions. IMCC Journal of Science, 1, 32-45.
9 Mhunpiew, N., Dan, Y., & Unarat, P. (2021). The Construct Reliability and Validity of the Thai Version of the Southeast Asia Teachers Competency Framework (T-SEA-TCF). Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies, 8(1), 13-25, January-June 2021.
10 Sessoms, J. (Dec., 2020). Addressing the Whole Student: Benefits of Developing  the Counseling Center in Thai Higher Education. Suranaree Journal of Social  Science. 14(2), 133-149. Online ISSN: 2651-088X.
11 Scott, T. & Husain, F. N. (2021). Textbook Reliance: Traditional Curriculum Dependence Is Symptomatic of a Larger Educational Problem. Journal of Educational Issues, 7(1), 233-248.
DOI: 10.5296/jei.v7i1.18447
12 Scott, T. & Mhunpiew, N. (2021). Impact of Government Policies and International Students on UK University Economic Stability. International Education Studies, 14(5), 1-7.
DOI: 10.5539/ies.v14n5p1
13 Wei, Y. & Guan, W. (2021). Should Shadow Education Stay as a Shadow or Exist as Co-curricula Alongside Mainstream Education? Journal of Educational Issues, 7(1), 152-167.
DOI: 10.5296/jei.v7i1.18368

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