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In his capacity as a Vice Chairman of North Bangkok University Council and a Senior Academic Advisor of Thailand Higher Educational Institutions, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, Assumption University of Thailand (AU) recently participated in the North Bangkok University Council Meeting held on March 2, 2021 at North Bangkok University Library, Rangsit Campus.

Appointed to assume such highly respectable roles, the AU President-Rector Magnificus took part in the North Bangkok University Council meeting to follow up on progress and developments and thus help smoothen or map out directions for improvement of Universities of the future.

Assumption University of Thailand and North Bangkok University recently joined hands in initiating an MOU on November 20, 2020; establishing academic cooperation in the area of nursing science education or training in that the AU Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science will assume vitally major roles in cooperating with, directing and mentoring North Bangkok University's School of Nursing Science which is newly established or in its infantry.


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