Assumption University Policy on Environmental Sustainability Management

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting, no. 1/2021

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting

To strengthen or reinforce the effectiveness of the AU’s on-going efforts of sustainable environmental developments & improvements, the AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee meeting took place on May 7, 2021 at the St. Gabriel’s Library, Hau Mak Campus. Chaired by
Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, the vital meeting placed emphasis on; exploring further unending sustainable environmental developments.

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting

Due to the continual environmental improvements, Assumption University of Thailand has been recognized as one of Thailand’s leading universities in constant environmental upgrade which is clearly evident in its outstandingly landscaped environments with relatively large man-made lakes existing in both campuses and surrounding verdant trees, plants and flowers ideally conducive to teaching and learning.

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting

As the Catholic University, the AU has been spearheaded in continual environmental improvements. This is also line with the valuable ideologies of Pope Francis regarding the Sustainable International Environmental Maintenance & developments especially expressed during the United Nations Meeting during March 7-9, 2019 at the Vatican.

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting

The Pope reiterated concerned for the poor, the unprecedented political and economic expansion which greatly impact the environments and the encroachment upon natural resources, deforestation and finally water, air and water pollution and furthermore leading to excess garbage or waste and unavoidable environmental damage.

The AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Members established the following environmentally related measures both for the short and long term implementation.

  1. Energy saving measures contributed by existing units, departments etc. reducing energy consumption when using various electrical items, equipment and air-conditioners.
  2. Treated water through the waste water treatment system is returned to the lake or used for watering plants and trees.
  3. Water saving measure is implemented in lavatory cleaning, washing of floors or various places.
  4. Constant improvement of University facilities or environments for ready usage.
  5. Management and improvement of working environments or places.
  6. Recycling or transfer of office unused equipment & computer sets to other offices for maximum usage.
  7. Reduction of printing ink or paper usage.
  8. Using of office equipment that help reduce carbon copying.
  9. Campaigning or training in creating awareness among office or departmental employees for energy saving or sustainable environmental upgrade or developments.
  10. Organizing of contested or competed activities of energy or water saving systems.
  11. Score rewarding tactics for units or offices that & propose & present best energy saving measures or systems.

The AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Members participating in such planning meeting comprised advisors, directors or office heads that are mainly in charge of physical plants Section, electrical unit, pipe water control, air-conditioning control, computer & technology section, purchasing department and store & warehousing unit.

AU Environmental Sustainability Management Committee Meeting

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