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AU Schools & Faculties’ Participation in ACSP Educational Fair to Boost Enrolments

The AU various Schools & faculties participated in the ACSP Educational Fair #2, organized on November 13, 2020 at Assumption College Samutprakarn’s St. Louis Area, to expose to these high school students the AU Schools’ current programs in order to create their awareness and publicize the excellent AU educational opportunities ,and thus boosting students’ enrolments.

Rev. Bro. Dr. Pisutr Vapiso, Director, Assumption College Samutprakarn, presided over the launching of the Educational Fair.

All the AU existing faculties including the Office of the University Registrar’s Division of School Relation and Public Relation Matters’ aggressive marketing team and the AU Library set up their booths to showcase their ideally attractive programs & courses to attract or further recruit these students.

The fair was aimed to provide useful advice, directions and guidelines to the ACSP students for furthering their higher tertiary education once they complete their high school level of education.

About 1600 ACSP students participated in the education fair to gain knowledge and ideas for furthering their University education.

The ACSP students showed great interests in finding out more about the educational opportunities at Assumption University.

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