On May 10, 2024, Assumption University of Thailand (AU) hosted seven exchange students from Toulouse University, France, for an enlightening Familiarization visit. This initiative was organized by the Office of International Affairs in collaboration with the Office of Graduate Studies.

The visiting students were deeply impressed by the Suvarnabhumi campus, which they acclaimed as the best university campus they had ever seen. They were given a comprehensive tour of the campus's cutting-edge facilities, immersed in its rich cultural heritage, and experienced its vibrant academic environment.


A highlight of their visit was the signing of the greeting book in the King's Room. The French students extended their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Thailand's Monarch in celebration of his upcoming 72nd birthday on July 28, 2024.


This visit not only showcased AU's commitment to academic excellence but also reinforced the bonds of international friendship and cultural exchange between the two institutions. The positive feedback from the students underscores the university's dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience.

AU looks forward to welcoming more international students and continuing its mission of fostering global connections and cross-cultural understanding.

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