Assumption University of Thailand (AU) strives in developing student’s potential in academic excellence as well as an excellence in health to be a perfect manpower serving society and country. In this regards, the university has set in AU Vision 2000 for Assumption University Graduates as stated "Healthy and open - minded persons, characterized by personal integrity, an independent mind, and creative thinking” as one of the visions.

In order to meet the requirements in AU Vision 2000, the AU Athletic Scholarship for undergraduate students has been set up and the 5 - Year University Athletes Strategic Plan (2008-2012) has been developed to align with National Sports Development Plan No.4 and the policy from Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President that AU has faith that sports is the important part of education and be a tool in developing human to be total person in many areas including having good health and well-being, discipline, self-determination, participation, knowing win, loss, and forgiveness which are the essential parts in creating valuable human resources for the society and nations. In addition, sport is the important part in strengthening self-esteem and creating unity in the university. Also, AU built the international standard stadium with sports facilities to support the exercise and students’ competitions at Suvarnbhumi Campus.

The Objectives of AU Athletes Strategic Plan are as follows;

  1. To promote and develop health and quality of life of AU students
  2. To promote and support the sports abilities of students
  3. To develop the potential and competence in sports competitions of AU
  4. To promote the students’ participation to create unity and pride in the university
  5. To use all sports facilities at AU for the maximum benefit

The AU Athletes Scholarship project has set up since 2008 and in academic year 2022, 9 students who are qualified for the scholarship are as follows;

  1. Mr. Chayanon Keswapitak, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics: Golf
  2. Mr. Komkrit Mitsamant, Vincent Mary School of Engineering: Golf
  3. Ms. Kenika Boonprasert, Theodore Maria School of Arts: Golf
  4. Mr. Phooriwat Wattanaphonpaisarn, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics : Badminton.
  5. Mr. Panachai Jaijulla, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics: Taekwondo
  6. Ms. Natwara Rattanachotikornkul, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics: Hapkido
  7. Mr. Clement Taechine Berrie, Theodore Maria School of Arts: Jujitsu
  8. Mr. Gogliardo Alfredo Gavarini, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics: Karatedo
  9. Mr. Chotiwat Naen - Udorn, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics: Tennis

On March 22, 2022, Center for Sports and Physical Fitness, Student Affairs organized AU Athletes Scholarship Orientation at Wiset Si Samut room, The Cathedral of Learning, Suvarnabhumi Campus. In this event, Rev. Bro. Dr. Achin Tengtrakul, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Acting Vice President for Student Affairs was a Chair. The event started by a welcoming speech by the Vice President to all parents and athlete scholarship students and followed by a speech to scholarship students that can be summarized as follows;
All athlete scholarship students serve as athletes to the fullest to establish the profile and reputation to AU. In addition, all athlete scholarship students should study hard and manage time well to acquire knowledge to be role model for other students. The Vice President also wished all students succeed in what is intended and be proud of being AU student.

The scholarship presentation ceremony started afterwards.

In this event, Mr. Nukul Chairuriya, Director, Center for Sports and Physical Fitness spoke about roles of athlete scholarship students to AU that can be summarized as follows;
May all the athletes scholarship students do their best, be diligent, responsible and understand their role as athlete scholarship students. He wished every one of them succeed in education and use sports as part of self- development.

Lastly, there was a session to share the experience and provide guidance about education and university life as athlete scholarship student by Mr. Gungun Preechavuttikhun, alumni of Department of Business English, Theodore Maria School of Arts, the summary of his talk is as follows;
All athlete scholarship students should arrange the study time in accordance with practicing sports on a regular basis, know your own strengths and weaknesses and develop a weakness by practicing every day until you accomplish and it becomes your strength. In addition, knowing friends from different schools is beneficial when seeking advice or support and it will drive you in education. In terms of practicing sports, the athlete scholarship students should allocate time to practice every day to create discipline and self-responsibility and pride in being the university athlete to establish the reputation for the university.


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