Nine students were selected to study at the Assumption University of Thailand through scholarships from the United Board. The international students are one Filipino, three Indonesian, three Burmese, and two Vietnamese.

Why were they chosen to study at the Assumption University of Thailand? When interviewed, one student from Indonesia, Mr. Yakob Metboki, gave the following reasons why he decided to study here:

1. AU has a Ph.D. (English Language Teaching) program that matches and corresponds to his current job.
2. AU is the first International University in Thailand.
3. AU is an International Catholic University.

Who is Assumption University?

Assumption University is a non-profit institution administered by the Brothers of St. Gabriel, a worldwide Catholic religious order founded in France in 1705 by St. Louis Marie De Montfort, devoted to education and philanthropic activities. The congregation has been operating many educational institutions in Thailand since 1901.

Assumption University is an international community of scholars, enlivened by Christian inspiration, engaged in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, serving human society, primarily through the creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and cyber technology.

Assumption University initially originated from Assumption Commercial College in 1969 as an autonomous higher education institution under the name of Assumption School of Business. In 1972, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was officially established as "Assumption Business Administration College" or ABAC. In May 1975, it was accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs. In 1990, it was granted new status as "Assumption University" by the Ministry of University Affairs.

Relationship between Assumption University of Thailand and United Board

The United Board has been collaborating with Assumption University since 2002 when Rev. Bro. Dr. Prateep Martin Komolmas was the president. The United Board has signed an agreement on supporting academics to receive education and training at the master's and doctoral levels at Assumption University under a joint scholarship program.

What is United Board Faculty Scholarship Program

The United Board Faculty Scholarship Program aims to help colleges and universities in the United Board network by supporting junior faculty to pursue postgraduate degrees at the masters or doctoral level. Over the last three decades, more than a thousand young faculty scholars have benefited from the program. For those who are interested in receiving scholarships:

The other programs offered by the United Board for Christian Education in Asia are a fellow slow program for Mid to top-level administrators from South East, North East, and South Asia. They also offer workshops on Whole Person Education and capacity building. This one-year activity will engage Fellows with leadership skills training and exposure to the best practices in education, management, and finance; and deepen their commitment to whole-person education.

In marking its 20th Anniversary this year, Asst. Prof. Prima Viriyavadhana, Associate Dean from Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, has been selected to represent Assumption University in the program. Our university is honored to be a part of this prestigious event and wishes for a strong ongoing collaboration with The United Board for Christian Education in Asia.