Big congratulations indeed to the The New English Teacher (NET) Journal by the Thedore Maria School of Arts, AU for being accepted for SCOPUS.

What a significant achievement, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the strong editorial team led by Dr. Rusma Kalra and full support from the TCI-TRF-SCOPUS Collaboration Project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Narongrit Sombatsompop. Also, constructive comments and feedback given to the Journal by the local board, Prof. Dr. Budsaba Kanoksilapatham, have become pivotal in the SCOPUS selection process. This recognition surely ascertains the Journal’s quality and its international standardization, with future articles indexed in SCOPUS, TCI (Tier 1), and ACI (ASEAN Citation Index).

The NET Journal, a journal of language teaching and research, serves as a platform for the exploration of theories, research, methods, and materials relevant to language learning and teaching. The journal is dedicated to the application of linguistics in education and values contributions that address the shared professional concerns of both practitioners and researchers.

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