A big congratulations to the ABAC journal, which is now listed in Scopus Q1 following the announcement of Scopus’ CiteScore 2021, just last week. We are very pleased to report that the ABAC Journal along with Assumption University of Thailand as its publisher has been placed in Q1 under Literature and Literary Theory at 0.5, 88%. Kindly note that the percentile ranking for Q1, the upper right quadrant is 75th - 99th. Last year the Journal was placed in Q2 at the 74th percentile in the same category.

Scopus’ CiteScore 2020, released in June 2021 announced only 1 journal in Q1, 4 journals in Q2, 12 in Q3, and 29 in Q4, with a further 9 journals classified as N/A. This was based on 46 selected journals in the TCI-TRF-SCOPUS Collaboration Project, Phase II. The ABAC Journal was therefore one of only four journals in Q2, and at 74%,had the highest percentile ranking among the Q2 journals.

We give our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Absorn Meesing, editor-in-chief, and the editorial team of the ABAC Journal. Dr. Absorn also expresses her highest respect and gratitude to Rev. Brother Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President of Assumption University of Thailand, for his unfailing support and guidance, as well as the reviewers, editors, and contributors; the TCI leader Prof. Dr. Narongrit Sombatsompop and his team, for their initiative and leadership; TRF (Thailand Research Fund), for its kind sponsorship and support; and SCOPUS, for their guidance and collaboration throughout the project.

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