Student Uniform is mandatory for official and formal occasions as follows:

1. In the examination rooms.
2. In Business & Professional Ethics Seminar (BG 1403)
3. Formal occasions e.g. Wai Kru day, Orientation day , Last Orientation and Commencement day.
4. In all classrooms assigned by the faculties.

Student Uniform for male students:
1. Plain white, short or long sleeve shirt. Sleeves may not be turned up. Shirt must be tucked into trousers. A university necktie must be worn property.
2. Black trousers (slacks).
3. Black or dark brown belt with university buckle.
4. Plain black leather shoes.

Student Uniform for female students:
1. Plain white , short sleeve blouse. Blouse should fit properly. University buttons are attached and the university pin is worn on the left side of the blouse. Blouse must be tucked into skirt.
2. Black straight skirt at knee length.
3. Black or dark brown belt with university buckle.
4. Plain black leather closed shoes.


Polite Dress is allowed on the following occasions: 

1. In the regular classrooms

2. Whenever entering the campus vicinity , except university dormitories and sports complex at Suvarnabhumi Campus.

Polite Dress for male students:

1. White or light colored short of long sleeve shirt. Shirt must be tucked into trousers neatly.

2. Plain black, grey, blue or brown slacks

3. Dark colored or white closed shoes or sport shoes(polite color).

Polite Dress for female students:

1. White or light colored short of long sleeve blouse. Blouse must be tucked into skirt neatly.

2. Black or blue knee length skirt, polite style.

3. Dark colored closed shoes, sling back court shoes, or sport shoes (polite color).


Casual dress is allowed during summer session or university holiday. However when it is scheduled as midterm, final exam or test; student is required to wear uniform.


Student ID card must be checked before allowing students to enter the examination room. Students holding expired ID card must be instructed to obtain “a one – subject temporary ID card” at the Office of Registrar. Please note that students are expected to be aware of the regulation as well as their ID card’s expiry date, and as such, irrespective of their reasons, must renew their ID cards prior to the examination period.

Ten minutes late examination:
Students arriving their examination room after the first 10 minutes of examination will not be allowed to enter examination room, instead they must be instructed to contact Director of Examination at the Office of Administrative Affairs for written permission.

No unauthorized materials on examination desks, nearby desks/chairs: any dictionaries, calculators, and notes found in the pencil boxes/ pockets, on the desks, nearby desks or chairs would subject students to the University’s cheating disciplinary actions.

No communication devices and PDA(s) in the examination rooms:
- Mobile phones and personal digital assistance should not be placed on the desk, nearby desk or chairs irrespective of reasons. They could, for the time being, be placed under students’ chairs/desks provided that they are turned off.

No Examination at Wrong Campus:
- Students will not be permitted to take examinations at “wrong campus” and will hence, be considered as “absent” from the exam.