Common University Experiences

We define the Common University Experiences as those events that are required or compulsory for all freshmen to attend.
The Aim: It is aspired that through series of introduction to the mission, values, and community life of the university, students will consider themselves as proud and active members of the unique Assumption University community, commited to shared values and expectations in both learning and way of life.

Project 1: Intensive Orientation

This is an AU open house activity that organized for freshmen and parents. Freshmen will learn more about AU campuses, intensive courses and grading system, basic rules and regulations, services and facilities, and tips for student adjustment.

Project 2: AU Care

It is health checking up and meeting with Student Affairs advisors. Students are required to do tests covering psychological and physical aspects. They also meet advisors from Student Affairs who will be their personal advisor and supporter throughout the next 4 years.

Project 3: AU Orientation

This is an official event for warm welcoming freshmen as new members of AU community by Rector Magnificus, AU executives, faculty members and senior students. As it is said, “Well begun is half done” thus here Academic Affairs and Student Affairs put much effort to provide crucial knowledge and information concerning freshmen on the orientation day.

Project 4: AU Camp

Be a part of AU community. The Assumption University Student Organization (AUSO) organizes this event to promote strong relationship between freshmen and seniors and also right attitudes towards the University. Freshmen will get to know each other and enjoy fellowships with friends and seniors through various activities.

Project 5: Wai Kru Ceremony

This event is organized by the Assumption University Student Organization (AUSO) to show appreciation and preservation of Thai cultures. The significance of this event is to show gratitude and respect towards teachers as well as to recognize the achievers and student leaders.

Project 6: Academic Advising

This is a required activity for all freshmen before registering for the new semester. To ensure students success in study, the academic advising is a mechanism for students to consult with academic advisors on their study plan and academic programs in order to choose the right subjects and minimize any registration mistakes due to inadequate academic information and also to develop strong relationship with their academic advisors.