The AU’s topmost, highly innovative and success-oriented Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Design & Digital Innovation was officially unveiled on Saturday, March 6, 2021 at the Auditorium, Pegasus Building, True Digital Park. Members of the public, press, students, parents, interested individuals and honored guests witnessed this grand launching event.

This newly introduced 3-Year Fast Track Intensive and Extremely Beneficial & Practical Business Administration Program under the AU Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics holds keys to unlocking doors towards the well-rounded future business and innovative success in the digital age for aspired and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Students will gain valuable knowledge and experiences from leading, world-class, successful businessmen & highly expert mentors with practical business practice and exposure through case studies, group discussions, practical workshops and project assignment-simulation etc.

Moreover, candidates will realistically get involved in the advantageous block teaching style, hands-on practices of initiating their own feasible business startups for future sustainable successes. They will, furthermore, fully indulge in the versatile & favorite courses offered by the AU existing faculties:

  1. Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics
  2. Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts
  3. Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology
  4. Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design
  5. Louis Nobiron School of Music

The following were outstanding key-note guest speakers & entrepreneurs who shared their worthwhile relevant business ideas; thus contributing to the significance and benefits of the DDI Program:

  • Vichet Tantivanich, Chairman, Asia Aviation PLC and Chairman, Mind2Market Co.,Ltd. and Founder of 2 morrowscaler
  • Dr.Sangsuk Pittayanukul, Managing Director, Siam Health Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Pathom Indarodom, President, The Digital Development Foundation
  • Sopitrossakorn Chodtanarit, Owner of YouTube Channel “Softpomz”
  • Nuttawut Kietchaiyakorn, Assistant Director, Center of People Growth&Care, True Corporation PLC
  • Vasupon Thankakan, Microsoft Azure Business Group Director, Microsoft (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Pattamaporn Preechawuttidech, CEO, 21SunPassion Co., Ltd.
  • Prettaya Sutchasila, Managing Director, Southeast Life Insurance PLC



Program Agenda

Business Administration
Design and Digital Innovation Program (DDI),
AU Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics

Saturday, March 6, 2021: 08.30-12.00 Hrs.
Auditorium, Pegasus Building, True Digital Park.


08.30-09.00 hrs. Registration
09.00-09.10 hrs. Official & Welcoming Address:
Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran,
President-Rector Magnificus, Assumption University of Thailand
09.10-09.40 hrs. How Universities should Adapt:
Based on Entrepreneur’s Perspectives
by Dr. Sangsuk Pittayanukul,
Khun Vichet Tantivanich,
Khun Prettaya Sutchasila,
Khun Sopitrossakorn Chodtanarit
09.40-10.20 hrs. Future Essential Skills in Line with
Technologically Advanced Industries
by Khun Pathom Indarodom,
Khun Nuttawut Kietchaiyakorn,
Khun Vasupon Thankakan,
Khun Pattamaporn Preechawuttidech
10.20-10.40 hrs. Background and History of DDI Program
by Dr. Soonthorn Pibulcharoensit,
the University Registrar and
Asst. Prof. Dr. Uree Cheasakul, Dean,
Martin de Tours School of Management
and Economics
10.40-10.50 hrs. Four Incorporated Vital Skills
10.50-10.55 hrs. Virtual Campus Tour Video Presentation
10.55-11.25 hrs. Workshop Demonstration
11.25-11.40 hrs. Question-Answer Session

Remarks: Participants are kindly requested to comply with the Covid-19 preventative measures: i.e. having temperature checked, wearing face masks and keeping social distancing during the program.

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