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♦ Welcome to AU Theodore Maria School of Arts Open House 2021: Arts the Next Normal, on 27 October 2021.

♦ 9:00-12.00 via Zoom, Facebook Live: Arts Abac and YouTube Live

   Meeting ID: 999 927 1021

   Passcode: 271021

 Join us on 27 Oct 2021 via Zoom❤️❤️


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Know our cool programs in brief, play games, win prizes, and so many more.

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Why Study with Us?

“The Theodore Maria School of Arts at Assumption University is a destination of choice for those seeking to advance their knowledge of language and essentially learn about business discipline and entrepreneurship in a truly international learning environment. It is indeed this kind of hybrid that culminates in our teaching and learning uniqueness, producing graduates with the best of both worlds.”

Our four Major Academic Programs;

B.A. (Business English)
B.A. (Business French)
B.A. (Business Chinese)
B.A. (Business Japanese)


National and International Recognition of Our Students

The French Excellence Contest Award

The 12th World Peace Ethics Contest Award

'Ambassador of the Day' for International Women's Day 2021

Chinese Speech Contests 2021



Our Alumni Who are Successfull in Their Career

Ms. WatineeJanarge
Bachelor of Arts (Business English)
Dr. Bing Zhu
Bachelor of Arts (Business English)
Mr. PhumjaiKrisintu
Bachelor of Arts (Business French)
Ms. Diana (Suphannee) Chungjintanakarn
Bachelor of Arts (Business Chinese)
Ms. PechayaWattanamontri
Bachelor of Arts (Business English)
Ms. Karatcha Sriprom
Bachelor of Arts (Business English)
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