Ms. Sumanus Montrechok
Year of Graduate: 2000
Graduating Class: 29
Faculty: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)

Ms. Sumanus Montrechok (สุมนัส มนตรีโชค), a successful businesswoman who has approach to do business that will benefit to others whether the co-founder in importing natural cosmetic products, “Burt’s Bee” so Thai people can use cosmetic products without worrying about chemical. In addition, she is co-founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies which is the skin treatment products for Thai ladies who are passionate in the purity of premium organic skincare products from England. Furthermore, she is the importer of quality wine cooler that is the number one best-selling in Scandinavia to satisfy Thai wine lovers to enjoy good-quality wine at an appropriate temperature and the maintain the best flavor of wine like Temptech Wine Fridge.

“No matter what Ms. Sumanus (Nook) does, preservation of the environment is the important thing she has to take into consideration as she is the person with the clear intention about environmental conservation. Our world today has been destroyed a lot, the way to safe our planet to the next generation is to help each other and use natural products like Burt’s Bee that has clear intention not to destroy the environment more than it already is this day.”



On May 20, 2022, Ms. Sumanus visited and paid respect to Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, AU President and Mr. Glen Vivian Chatelier, Director, Office of International Affairs.

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