Assumption University's MBA students were treated to an extraordinary experience on September 2nd, 2023, as they hosted the distinguished Dr. Vutravee Charuvatana, Vice President of Major Cineplex Group. Dr. Vutravee, an esteemed alumnus of Assumption University, delivered an enlightening presentation titled Future Ready Leadership - Insights to Thrive in the Evolving World to Dr. Thananporn's International Corporate Strategy class.

Dr. Vutravee message resounded with the MBA students as he underscored the pivotal role of a well-defined strategy in steering corporate objectives. Dr. Vutravee emphasized the significance of systematic data analytics in shaping the critical issues of the strategic journey.



At the heart of Dr. Vutravee's discussion was the notion that effective leaders lead by example, genuinely nurture the growth of individual team members, and actively involve them in planning and execution. Above all, trust, Dr. Vutravee contended, is the cornerstone of leadership. He illustrated this point by highlighting the value of personal visits to branches and the celebration of pivotal milestones, fostering a culture of warmth and empowerment. He emphasized, "Having an uncompromising mindset, being an inspired leader, building staff engagement, never stopping training, and transparently communicating organizational core values are the ingredients of success for leadership nowadays."

Dr. Vutravee stressed the virtues of persistence, unwavering focus, and meticulous attention to detail. His counsel extended to inspiring others, advocating a leadership-oriented approach over a policing mentality, and embracing adaptability in the face of change. Most notably, he championed the concept of "AI yourself" as a means to stay relevant and confront the ever-evolving challenges of the modern world.

The Assumption University MBA students left the session inspired and enriched, armed with Dr. Vutravee's thought-provoking insights into future-ready leadership. This visit exemplifies the University's commitment to offering students access to distinguished alumni who have climbed the ladder of success in their respective fields.



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