Assumption University of Thailand is delighted to share the exceptional achievements of the Futuristic Noodle team from the Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology. Team members Ms. Saranrat Thanakuldilok, Mr. Toaspon Rodumrongrit, and Ms. Watanya Chaisayan, have been honored with an Albert Prize Award for National Academic Achievement. Their groundbreaking project, Wolffia Noodles, has achieved recognition as one of the top 60 finalists in the Plate to Planet Competition, a highlight of APEC 2022 Thailand: Future Food for Sustainability.

Ms. Saranrat explains, “Wolffia Noodle was born from the team's dedication to address a relatable challenge – maintaining a balanced lifestyle amid financial constraints. This drove the Futuristic Noodle team to conceive an innovative solution. These noodles, brimming with protein and minimal carbs, embody sound nutritional principles while mitigating health risks linked with convenience foods. In addition, the team confronted the environmental concerns surrounding plastic packaging by introducing a groundbreaking answer: an edible film crafted through gelation and drying techniques, reducing plastic waste and championing sustainability.”

The Futuristic Noodle team's unyielding commitment and creative ingenuity have catapulted them into the ranks of the top 60 finalists in the prestigious Plate to Planet Competition. This competition, hosted by APEC 2022 Thailand: Future Food for Sustainability, garnered an astounding 2,018 menu submissions. The team's project not only captured the attention of the judges but also exemplified their unwavering dedication to reshaping food solutions for a sustainable future.

Mr. Toaspon shared his insights, saying, "I greatly appreciate the success in receiving the Albert Prize award, and I also feel extremely happy about my participation in other competitions. These competitions have provided me with a wealth of knowledge as I engaged with them."

The journey to Wolffia Noodles wasn't without its share of challenges. The team encountered setbacks while striving to create flourless noodles with a satisfying flavor. Yet, their scientific perseverance proved triumphant, allowing them to refine their project and overcome hurdles. Ms. Watanya reflected, "The phrase 'Don't give up' truly resonates with me and serves as my inspiration to persevere in my projects." Their ability to transform challenges into stepping stones underscores the power of persistence, innovation, and dedication to excellence.

The Albert Prize, named in honor of Assumption University's esteemed President, Rector Magnificus Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, reflects a commitment to nurturing excellence in student endeavors and cultivating a culture of ongoing advancement. Brother Bancha commended the team, saying, "I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Futuristic Noodle team for their outstanding achievement in the Plate to Planet Competition with their innovative Wolffia Noodles. Your dedication to merging nutrition and sustainability exemplifies the spirit of Assumption University's pursuit of excellence. Your success resonates with our commitment to fostering a brighter future for both our students and the global community."

In a testament to ingenuity, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence, Assumption University's Futuristic Noodle team's success not only reflects their innovation but also embodies the university's values. As we celebrate their achievements, we remain inspired by their journey and look forward to more visionary contributions that reshape our world for the better.

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