What is AU FYE Program?

AU FYE Program is referred to all projects and activities organized by the University for freshmen in order to prepare and support them in their studies and university life. The main purpose of AU FYEP is to develop students’ awareness in five areas i.e. academic and intellectual competence, interpersonal relationship, identity and integrated philosophy of life, career and life-style, and personal health and wellness through various initiative activities which will help them successfully live and learn during the first year of university life at Assumption University.

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AU FYE Program Objectives

  1. To assist first- year students to make a successful transition from high school to the university.
  2. To provide essential knowledge and skills for studying and living in Assumption University.
  3. To develop students’ awareness in five areas namely academic and intellectual competence, interpersonal relationship, identity and integrated philosophy of life, career and life-style, and personal health and wellness.
  4. To establish a strong connection between freshmen and seniors; and to become active members of Assumption University community.

Themes of AU FYE Program

AU FYE Program is organized based on two basic themes illustrated in the diagram as follow:

Common University Experiences

We define the Common University Experiences as those events that are required or compulsory for all freshmen to attend.

The Aim: It is aspired that through series of introduction to the mission, values, and community life of the university, students will consider themselves as proud and active members of the unique Assumption University community, commit to shared values and expectations in both learning and way of life. 


Intensive Orientation

Intensive Orientation

Project Information:        This is an AU open house activity that organized for freshmen and parents.    Freshmen will learn more about AU campuses, intensive courses and grading systems, basic rules and regulations, services and facilities, and tips for student adjustment.


Extra-Curricular Experiences

We define the Extra-Curricular Experiences as those opportunities offered especially to freshmen so that they may receive academic support outside the classroom, become aware of the variety of resources the campus offers, and actively engage in the community life of the university.

Unlike the Common University Experiences, the Extra-Curricular Experiences are optional.  Students are encouraged to participate at their interests and abilities. 

The Aim: Students become actively involved in the campus/community and receive specific support networks and information about resources that best meet their needs. Students see themselves as active participants and leaders fostering the standards and identity of Assumption University.


Activity Days

Activity Days

Project Information:        Here is a fantastic chance to discover activities of your interest! More than 50 clubs open their booths to provide freshmen with information such as music, dance, photography, environmental conservation, oratory and personality, football and many more.   All clubs blow their bugles to welcome new members.

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