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On May 24, 2021, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, conveyed his guidance and the work guideline to Student Affairs Administrators on Transformation of AU. The SA’s Administrators are led by Acting Vice President for Student Affairs, Rev. Bro. Dr. Achin Tengtrakul.

Assumption University has to testify her identity as a Catholic university existing for services. The Rector further elaborated on 2 challenges that higher educational institutions are facing- the first challenge is “the new landscape in HE” and the second is “About AU.”

Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran also elaborated on how to care for the students under the title of ‘Educational Journey of AU Students under the Care of Our Faculty Members’.
These undergraduate students who have come to study are in the state of great change, and they need guidance.

They tend to follow friends in making decisions, live in the allurement of new ways of life and lack of engagement with the university life. Therefore, instructors are the only persons who can help them go through their journey. The instructors need to provide academic advising showing a clear academic path and help them retain throughout their programs.

Accordingly, the instructors, as advisors, are called upon to interact with students, work as
counselors or mentors to them and as educators by teaching them strategies for success,
helping them understand purposes of academic programs, providing problem-solving
approaches, etc.…Read more

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