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Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark. Constitution Day is celebrated every year on June 5. Denmark is one of few countries in the world not having a national day, but Constitution Day gets close. On Constitution Day, the people of Denmark celebrate democracy including freedom of speech, individual rights, and freedom of assembly.


Denmark is the oldest monarchy in EUROPE. The Bronze Age :The Sun Chariot in Copenhagen's Nationalmuseet is just one of several amazing Bronze Age artefacts. The real stars of the Age though are the bodies, such as the Tollund Man and the Grauballe Man exhumed from Denmark's peat bogs after their two-millennia slumber.

The Kingdom of Denmark Constitution Day, June 5

The Stone Age: They may not quite match other European sights such as Newgrange or Stonehenge, but the appeal of the stone dolmens and passage graves on islands such as Møn is their remoteness and haunting stillness.

The Vikings: Getting a feel for the Viking era is easy, whether it's visiting the haunting burial ground of Lindholm Høje, the Viking forts of Zealand, the Longship workshops at Roskilde or the theme parks that seek to recreate the era with live reenactments.

The Renaissance: Denmark has fairytale castles in abundance, most of them from its gilded Renaissance era. Highlights include Copenhagen's moated Rosenborg Slot, home to the Danish crown jewels, Hamlet's fictional home of Kronborg Slot and Egeskov Slot on Funen.

On the occasion of the Denmark Constitution Day (June 5, 2021), the management, administrators, lecturers, staff, students and alumni of Assumption University of Thailand (AU), would like to congratulate and express their sincerest & best wishes for the Danish happiness, successes and prosperity.


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