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National Day of Sweden is celebrated annually on June 6 and this date is also notable in Sweden as on that day in 1809, the Instrument of Government was adopted, forming a key part of Sweden's constitution. June 6th is also the day when new Swedish citizens receive their official documents. Normally, the National Day of Sweden celebration took place at the Skansen, a museum in Stockholm with parades and marching bands and the King and Queen of Sweden always took part in a ceremony.


Sweden's human history began around 10,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, once the Scandinavian ice sheet had melted. Tribes from central Europe migrated into the south of Sweden, and ancestors of the Sami people hunted reindeer from Siberia into the northern regions.

Sweden National Day, June 6

These nomadic Stone Age hunter-gatherers gradually made more permanent settlements, keeping animals, catching fish and growing crops. A typical relic of this period (3000 BC to 1800 BC) is the gångrift, a dolmen or rectangular passage-tomb covered with capstones, then a mound of earth. Pottery, amber beads and valuable flint tools were buried with the dead. The island of Öland, in southeast Sweden, is a good place to see clusters of Stone Age barrows.

As the climate improved between 1800 BC and 500 BC, Bronze Age cultures blossomed. Their hällristningar (rock carvings) are found in many parts of Sweden - Dalsland and Bohuslän are particularly rich areas. The carvings provide tantalising glimpses of forgotten beliefs, with the sun, hunting scenes and ships being favourite themes. Huge Bronze Age burial mounds, such as Kiviksgraven in Österlen, suggest that powerful chieftains had control over spiritual and temporal matters. Relatively few bronze artefacts are found in Sweden: the metals had to be imported from central Europe in exchange for furs, amber and other northern treasures.

Relationship between Assumption University of Thailand and Sweden

On the occasion of the Sweden National Day (June 6, 2021), the management, administrators, lecturers, staff, students and alumni of Assumption University of Thailand (AU), would like to congratulate and express their sincerest & best wishes for the Swedish happiness, successes and prosperity.

Administrators from Stockhlom University, Sweden visited AU

Delegation of administrators from Stockhlom University, Sweden paid a visit to AU Suvarnabhumi campus on 24th January 2011. Major General Prasart Sripadung, special lecturer of the College of Internet Distance Education welcomed the delegates…Read more


Administrators from Stockhlom University, Sweden visited AU. (2011, January 24)

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