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The Graduate School of Human Sciences has offered the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration and Leadership. Our students are both educators who served as instructor and administrator for the educational institutions in both International and National agencies and non-educators who would like to become educators. Our school mission for students is to provide the best knowledge and experience for the readiness of them in becoming  the best educator and researcher.

As one of the graduation requirements for Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Leadership is required for at least two publications in a national or international journal in accordance with OHEC’s Regulations on Criteria for Selection of Academic Journals for Publications of Academic Works (B.E. 2556). This regard, our students are encouraged to write a research paper and academic paper to publish even when they are studying a coursework. Here are some of the publications in the year 2020. 


1. Mr. Juntong Liu ID No. 6219576
Mhunpiew, N. & Liu, J. (2020). The Model of Cultural Communication in Confucius Institutes in Thailand. Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies. 7(1) (January – June 2020) pp. 22-33.


2. Ms. Yi Dan ID No. 6219549
Yi Dan, Sorajjakool, S., Mhunpiew, N. (2020). Increasing Instructors’ Teaching Innovation: A Significant Role of Leaders in Higher Education Institutions. Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies. 7(2) (July – December 2020) pp. 12-23.




3. Ms. Yin-Yun Wei ID No. 6319504
Wei, Y. Y. & Mhunpiew, N. (2020). School Choices in Thailand Basic Education: International Parents’ Perspectives. APHEIT International Journal 9/2 (July-December 2020) pp.80-95.





4. Mr. Timothy Scott ID No. 6319521
Scott, T. (2021). Higher Education’s Marketization Impact on EFL Instructor Moral Stress, Identity, and Agency. English Language Teaching. 14(1), doi: 10.5539/eft.v14n1p99


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