Assumption University has visited 4 Community Enterprises who participated in the OPOAI-C project at Ratchaburi province on Oct 5, 2021. The second stop was at Community Enterprise of Turkey Farmers at Ratchaburi, Pak Thor subdistrict (วิสาหกิจชุมชนไก่งวงราชบุรี). 

Community Enterprise of Turkey Farmers at Ratchaburi is a center of turkey farmers in Thailand. Their products include turkey meat and other processed parts of turkeys. Turkey meat is quite unfamiliar to Thai people; thus, their majority of customers are foreigners who reside in Thailand or Thai customers who has experienced turkey meat before. The turkey farming of this community enterprise requires a lot of care and raising turkeys relying on the nature. Every part of turkeys is marketed commercially except for one part, the feet.

With the rising awareness of BCG model, Community Enterprise of Turkey Farmers at Ratchaburi has joined the OPOAI-C project with intention to develop a new product using turkeys’ feet as a main ingredient.

Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, Assumption University has assigned Dr. Atittaya Tandhanskul from Department of Food Technology to supervise the consult and development.

The new product developed is turkey collagen extract with goji berry which added value to turkeys’ feet, utilizing Food Technology, and blended with goji berry, ingredient high in vitamin A.




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