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The history of Nepal began in, and centres on, the Kathmandu Valley. Over the centuries Nepal's boundaries have extended to include huge tracts of neighbouring India, and contracted to little more than the Kathmandu Valley and a handful of surrounding city-states.

Nepal's founding father, Prithvi Narayan Shah, referred to Nepal as 'a yam between two boulders' namely China and India. It was the meeting point between the Mongoloid peoples of Asia and the Caucasoid peoples of the Indian plains.

In earlier times, Nepal prospered from its location as a convenient resting-place for traders, travellers and pilgrims moving between these countries.


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Relationship between Assumption University of Thailand and Nepal

The President-Rector Magnificus and the Academic Community of Assumption University of Thailand greets and congratulates the Government and people of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on the occasion of the National Day of Nepal, on September 20, 2021.

The University community is pleased that currently there are Nepalese students enrolled in some undergraduate and graduate degree programs and we wish all our Nepalese students a happy celebration on their country’s National Day.

  On September 20, 2016, The Director of the Office of International Affairs Mr. Glen Chatelier greeted the Ambassador of Nepal H.E. Mr. Adhikari and his wife at the Nailert Park Swiss Hotel at a reception to celebrate the First Republic Day of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
  On May 12, 2019,The Director of Office of International Affairs, Mr. Glen Chatelier and International Student Coordinator, Ms. Puntharee Isarankura Na Ayudthaya handed over a check amounting of 361,425 baht as donation from Assumption University for the rescue and relief of the Nepalese victims suffering from the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. The check was handed over to His Excellency H.E. Ambassador Adhikari at the Embassy of Nepal in Bangkok.

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The Embassy of Nepal in Bangkok, Thailand:

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