Academic Collaboration Established between Assumption University & Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense 

The Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony (MOU) between Assumption University and Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense was held on November 25, 2020 at the Salle D’ Expo, Assumption University, Hua Mak Campus.

The unitedly agreed efforts are spearheaded towards accomplishing highly ambitious and mutually beneficial envisioned achievements of both renowned institutions. The Judge Advocate General Department, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense, is entrusted with the noble mission of administering justice or judicial methods, achieving fair & professionally administered military legal affairs. While Assumption University’s major academic role is to educate, uplift; furthering expert knowledge and practical legal experiences.

The collaborative partnership is, thus, initiated to mutually and more effectively promote the advancement of the professional legal & judicial systems, education, knowledge, skills, and experiences of military personnel:  officers, staff and soldiers in order to keep pace with the modern age & time and the rapidly changing environments.  

Moreover, as a leading international academic institution, Assumption University is strongly determined to produce highly qualified and legally talented graduates with Master Degree in Law Program; gaining sound legal backgrounds and expertise; specifically catering to military staff of Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense.  Thus, the two established institutions are jointly united to achieve these highly aspired objectives and accomplishments.   

MOU Singing Ceremony

Completing the MOU Signing formalities, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, AU President-Rector Magnificus, represented Assumption University while Gen. Prachaphat Vachanaratna, Judge Advocate General, represented the Judge Advocate General Department, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense, co-witnessed by Prof. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean, Thomas Aquinas School of Law and Lt. Gen. Soros Sonthayanond, Deputy Judge Advocate General, who joined in carrying out the MOU signing procedures.

The momentous signing ceremony was held in the presence of a number of high-ranking University and military executives, military staff, soldiers, faculty members, law students, honored guests and media personnel.


Exchanges of Gift Items

Marking the most auspicious occasion of these highly significant inked academic agreements and cooperation, both Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, and Gen. Prachaphat Vachanaratna exchanged tokens as remembrance of such important event.

Detailed Contracted Agreements:

Both parties’ collaborative agreements entail the following major aspired objectives:

Assumption University has hereby agreed to:

  1. Provide quality Graduate Study (Master Degree of Law Program) to the involved military officers, staff and soldiers of the Judge Advocate General Department, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense.
  2. Establish educational management, appropriate academic policies, effective teaching and learning systems; providing qualified lecturers in line with the established criteria and required standard curriculum of the Higher Education Institutions.
  3. Provide full Support; facilitating the military officers, staff and soldiers in their pursuance of the higher law education by giving a 50% discount or reduction of tuition fees; excluding the other relevant university fees & expenses:  i.e. registered theses or interdependent research fees in completion of their graduate studies.
  4. Submit written report on study results or performances of concerned graduates to the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense within 30 days after the graduates’ final study results are released.
  5. Submit written report of successful graduate names to the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense.
  6. The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense and Assumption University have furthermore agreed upon other academic cooperation and relevant administrative issues.
    6.1. Support and cooperate in providing relevant expert lectures, & speakers in legal or any other related fields of studies both during official hours or extra outside teaching periods.
    6.2. Provide concerned personnel, trainers as well as teaching or training venues for enhancement of legal profession or experiences.
    6.3. Provide opportunities or proper learning places for AU students’ training or internship programs for each academic year.
    6.4. Facilitate teaching and learning opportunities by allowing AU students to use the library at the Judge Advocate General Department.
    6.5. Assumption University is to further provide Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense with professional personnel who are well-versed in foreign language proficiency for translation & interpretation services (Translators & Interpreters) and coordinate in arranging translation & interpretation trainings or curriculum.
  7. The signed agreements are subject to further changes, improvements, amendments or any appropriate revisions, though dependent on both parties’ consent; with proper written requests for any necessary changes no later than 30 days for both parties’ formal or final agreements.
  8. These mutually signed collaborative agreements are non-legally-binding or with no legal obligations.

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