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Independence Day of Bahamas

The original inhabitants of the Bahamas were the Lucayans, a tribe of the Arawak Indian group. The Lucayans (a word derived from lukku-caire, or 'island people.' the Indians' name for themselves) arrived near the turn of the 9th century, at the end of the great migration of Arawaks from South America.

Fleeing the advance of the more militaristic, cannibalistic Caribs, they leapfrogged from one Caribbean island to another. The Caribs never reached the Bahamas. (Some archaeologists argue that the Lucayans were a separate group altogether and had migrated from the North American continent.)

Independence Day of Bahamas

This holiday commemorates the day when The Bahamas became a fully independent nation on July 10, 1973, separating from the United Kingdom.

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Bahamas (July 10, 2021), the management, administrators, lecturers, staff, students and alumni of Assumption University of Thailand (AU), would like to congratulate and express their sincerest & best wishes for the Bahamian happiness, successes and prosperity.


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