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His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol
(King Rama VIII)

In Remembrance of King Ananda Mahidol (King Rama VIII), 5 June

King Ananda Mahidol, his original name is Prince Ananda Mahidol, was born in Heidelberg Germany on 20th September 1925. Prince Ananda Mahidol was the son of Prince Mahidol (Kromma Luang Songkla Nakarintra) and Somdej Phrarajchonni Srisangval or Somdej Phra Srinakarintra (Princess Mother).

His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol was the second Constitutional Monarch in the country's long history. He ascended the throne at an early age and had to stay abroad for most of his reign in order to receive an education. Nevertheless when His Majesty returned to visit Thailand for two short periods of time, he imparted to his people such a sense of his compassion and genuine concern for their well-being and livelihood that a special bond was formed between the young Monarch and the Thai people, which still exists to this clay.

King Ananda Mahidol enjoyed many kinds of sport, such as bicycling, skiing, ice skating, hockey, rowing and swimming. In addition, he loved music and was able to play several instruments. When his brother, Prince Bhumibol Adulyadej, composed a song, he would accompany him on the piano and often he gave valuable advice. For example, after playing the now-famous composition, "Falling Rain'', King Ananda Mahidol commented that it had only one flat.

So Prince Bhumibol Adulyadej added three more flats to make the song into the key that it is in today. The young King's hobbies included carpentry and stamp-collecting. He also had a large collection of the pictures of model war ships. The Princess Mother taught him to use his leisure time constructively, so like other boys of his age, he had to do the gardening, mow the lawn and clear the snow in the winter.

In 1934, the political event occurred in Thailand, King Rama VII (King Prajadhipok) abdicated, and according to the Law of Succession, the crown passed to Prince Ananda Mahidol, he came to the throne at the age of ten years, was the eighth King of the Chakri Dynasty, and a regency was established.

King Rama VIII-The innocent King.

Ananda Mahidol Day in Thailand is observed on the king’s death anniversary. It is an official memorial day, but not a public holiday.


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