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The fully-equipped AU Co-Working Space, an attractive student lounge comparable to  the Airport, Hotel or Bank lounges catered to the high-end clientele or VIP guests who deserve such top-rated entertaining or reception halls is officially opened.

It is of no surprise, AU students are normally entitled to similar first- rated facilities.  The specially decorated and spaciously pleasant lounge with excellent ambience is not just a place to chill out but  relaxingly meet friends for lesson tutorials, exam preparation,  reading, studying, sharing of learned ideas with common areas for  group discussions and a private meeting room or corner.

A number of comfortable seating, chairs, stools of various sizes for small groups or individual studies are provided with added cozy home-like conveniences or comforts.

Free Wi-Fi service, computer sets, electrical outlets, TV screen, magazines and newspapers to catch up with latest news & information are all available.

AU students, visitors, and members of the AU community are all welcome to make use of such newly launched facility.

Officially opening and presenting the brand new highly useful AU Co-Working space to the AU community members, Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus, remarked that the grand facility can creatively serve as the center for enhanced sharing of learning, knowledge, added values and inter-personal relationships etc.

Taking place on January 18, 2021 at the lobby area, Assumption Building, where the grand facility is located, the opening occasion was witnessed by excited top committee members, administrators, members of the faculty, staff, students as well as the AUSO or Student Council committee members.


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Co-Working Space@AU-Hua Mak Campus

(January 15, 2021)

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At our Assumption University, learning or acquiring knowledge is not confined or limited to conventional classroom situations. Rather, additional facilities and working space provided by the University motivate the students’ engagement in teaching-learning activities to a great extent. Here, the extraordinary co-working space will be soon officially ready for AU students and faculty members along with warm homelike atmosphere and necessary facilities.

Our modern Co-Working Space, a highly comfortable lounge, provides facilities that are most appropriate for the digital era; This lounge is going to be available at the Lobby Area, Assumption Building, Hua Mak Campus.

The VIP lounge: spacious and with very pleasant interior decoration which is most suitable for reading, tutorials, reviewing lessons, preparing for exams, relaxation. Outstandingly, the lounge is fully equipped with common space for group discussions & private study corner, friendly chats or meetings with free high speed Wi-Fi, computer sets and electrical outlets, etc.


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