Office of Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance (OPPQA), Assumption University of Thailand (AU), organized EdPEx Training: A Guide for Performance Excellence on March 9, 2022 via Microsoft Teams. The objective of this training is to give a basic knowledge of EdPEx by focusing on each category.

Dr. Yupawadee Horpitakwong, Director of OPPQA, gave a lecture to the Vice President, Directors, Head Departments and 3 - 5 responsible units. The total participants was about 94 persons.

The Guide for Performance Excellence as:

  1. EdPEx Framework
  2. EdPEx Annual Assessment Process
  3. A Guide to Performance Excellence
    3.1 Conceptual Diagram for Performance Excellence.
    3.2 EdPEx category 1 - 7.

Category 1: Leadership

-  Senior leaders or leader team must define where the organization is headed. They must be able to set the organization’s directions.

- What they want the organization to be, the organization’s values, and acceptable behaviors.

- How do senior leaders communicate with and engage the entire workforce and key customer 93

- How do senior leaders’ actions build an organization which is successful now and in the future? They must be role models for all members.

- Create environment for the achievements of mission

- Create workforce culture with good communication in which senior leaders can hear the voices of the workforce.

- Create environment for innovation succession plan and development

Category 2: Strategy

  1. Strategy development
    - Strategic planning process- what are your short and longer-term planning horizons?
    - Innovation creation
    - Strategic considerations - strategic advantages, strategic challenges
    - Work system and core competencies

  2. Strategic implementation
    - Action Plan implementation
    - Resource allocation
    - Workforce Plans
    - Performance Measures
    - Performance Projections

Category 3: Customer

  1. Voice-of-Customer
    - How do you listen to current and potential customers?
    - Listening methods for different customers
    - Use social media and technology

  2. Customer Engagement
    - Determine customer satisfaction, and engagement
    - Build and manage customer relationship.
    - Retention, brand loyalty, willingness to make an effort to do business.

Category 4: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

- Performance measures: how to use data and information to track daily operations and overall organizational performance?

- Comparative data, customer data, measurement agility.

- Performance analysis and review, performance improvement and best practices.

- Knowledge management and organizational learning.

- Data and information quality, security and availability, hardware and software properties and emergency availability.

Category 5: Workforce

  1. Workforce Environment
    - Capability and capacity
    - New workforce members
    - Work Accomplishment
    - Workforce change management
    - Workforce climate

  2. Workforce Engagement
    - Organizational culture
    - Drivers of engagement
    - Performance management
    - Workforce and leader development
    - Learning and Development effectiveness
    - Career progression

Category 6: Operations

  1. Work Processes
    - Product and Process design
    - Process management
    - Key performance measures of indicators and in-process measures do you use to control and improve your work processes?

  2. Operational Effectiveness
    - Supply-chain management
    - Safety and emergency preparedness
    - Measures relate to end-product quality and performance

Category 7: Results

  1. Product and process results
    - Customer-focused product and process results
    - Work process effectiveness results
    - Supply-chain management results

  2. Customer-Focused Results
    - Customer satisfaction
    - Customer Engagement

  3. Workforce-Focused Results
    - Workforce capability and capacity
    - Workforce climate
    - Workforce engagement
    - Workforce Development

  4. Leadership and Governance Results
    - Leadership and governance
    - Law and regulation
    - Ethics and society
    - Strategy implementation results

  5. Financial and Market Results
    - Financial performance
    - Marketplace performance


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