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AU Law Students Show Respect and Gratitude towards their Teachers

The traditionally elegant annual Wai Kru Ceremony was held on November 13, 2020 at Hua Mak Campus for the AU law students to pay their respect and express gratitude towards their faculty members; marking the fresh start of the 2nd semester after their long absence; learning through online classes during the height of the outbreak.

The ceremonial function intended to signal the teachers’ readiness to impart their invaluable lessons & knowledge and students’ preparedness to gain knowledge also, normalized faculty and student friendly relationships as well as to gain merit and good fortune for the future.
Presided over by Asst. Prof. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean, Thomas Aquinas School of Law, the typically Thai Wai Kru Ceremony was a brilliant and beautiful way to start the 2nd semester of academic year 2020.

Presentation of the Beautifully Arranged Flowers (in Vases)
A team of student representatives from all levels paraded to present decorative flowers vases to the dean, administrators and faculty members as an expression of respect and gratitude.

Freshmen Blessings & Welcoming Ritual
Administrators, faculty members and all participants performed the traditional blessing and welcoming gesture by tying the freshmen’s wrists with sacred white threads.

Ceremonial Anointing of Law Manual
Student committee members presented the law manual to Asst. Prof. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean, for ceremonial anointing of the Law Manual.

Blessing Remarks by Asst. Prof. Sthianrapab Naluang
Presiding over the the Wai Kru Ritual, Asst. Prof. Sthianrapab Naluang, Dean, closed the auspicious occasion with his encouraging and blessing remarks for all participating students; for their learning success future developments and progress.


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