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Our AU Ajarns invited to contribute a chapter towards a new book to be published by Emerald Publishing and be use by global academic and student.

This is a very good start to 2021.

M.R. Nanyasopark Swasdiwat, Program Director at Thomas Aquinas School of Law, School of Law was established in June 1992, as the eighth school of the university. The objectives of establishment are to produce graduates in legal profession specializing in business law.

The School emphasizes on its graduates to be fulfilled with knowledge, competency in business law, general law, and effective English skills, being qualified, moral, ethical persons, and capable to perform their legal profession correspond to political and economic conditions, and the needs of society. In addition, to promote and to develop law graduates to be good role models to correctly abide by in accordance with the ethics of profession.

In the year 2002, the School opened its teaching and learning in Graduate study level, majoring in Master Degree of Laws in Business Law for graduates who wanted to develop themselves in business law in various fields such as law on industry, finance, banking, import-export, investment, and international trade, etc.

Later on, the School provided the curricular Master Degree of Laws in Public Law, Master Degree of Laws in Business Law (International Program), and Master Degree of Laws in Taxation Law.

In the year 2011, the School opened the curriculum Master of Art in International Law and Diplomacy, also provided ASEAN laws in the free elective subjects category both undergraduate and graduate study levels for the preparation of ASEAN Community in 2015 since the second semester of academic year 2013.

In academic year 2014, the School adjusted the names of program faculty members in three programs which were Public Law, Business Law, and Taxation Law to promote lecturers’ qualification in accordance with the criteria specified by the Office of Higher Education Commission. The School was stopped the student admission for Public Law and Taxation Law, due to the decreasing in the number of students and the effect to break-even point of the program administration. For the existing students, the School will look after them until all students of those two programs will graduate their studies.

Dr. Aaron Loh, a Senior Faculty Member of the Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, GS-BATM was established as an international online learning institution by the University Council of Assumption University on April 25, 2002 in order to provide an online learning system of distance education using the Internet as the core interface. In practice this is supplemented by off-line eLearning, M-Learning, AV media, and limited face-to-face interactions. At present, 5 degree programs are being offered at the GS-BATM comprising 3 master’s degree programs and 2 doctoral degree programs.

Both humbled to be invited to expand their joint paper into a chapter towards a new book to be published in hardback and eFormat in early 2022. The book, edited By Andrea Capito, Deborah Lock, Dieu Hack-Polay and Paul Igwe is tentatively entitled “International Experiences, Environments and Practices of Higher Education”

The book, comprising 11 chapters, uniquely presents the experiences of academics around the world, shall increase quality through chapter peer review and be useful for academics and students.

Both Ajarn Nanyasopark and Dr. Aaron Loh are committed to using their joint experience in teaching and learning, global commerce as well as recent years in Asian regional universities collaboration to put up an informative and useful chapter in making Assumption University of Thailand further known globally.

In this new book to be published by Emerald Publishing, both the Ajarns are co-author to a chapter tentatively entitled ‘Diversity, Strength and Weaknesses of Teaching and Learning in a Business Management and Legal Education for a Rapidly Growing Emerging Economy’

Impact of internationalisation on business and management education

Abstract: The co-authors hope to have an opportunity to share our professional experience and personal reflection in a conceptual/provocation case study involving various diversity whilst focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of teaching and learning in a business management and legal education environment for a rapidly growing emerging economy.

The chapter will comprise the following sub-headings:

A. Introduction to the background of business management and legal education in developing economies
1) The initial stage, the growth stage and the “new and next normal” stages with the pandemic arrival 
2) The events dominating the various stages above

B. The growth opportunities
1) The influence upon the recent rapid economic growth of China and the significant arrival of Chinese students
2) Major technology introduction to the regional market space necessitating all forms of businesses big and small to respond

C. The Challenges involved in the teaching and learning delivery surrounding the case study
1) Appropriate curriculum and experienced teaching faculty matching the developing environment
2) The general maturity and the learning culture of the students

D. The many diversities in the local changing business environment affecting business education
1) Suggested response
2) Anticipating what further might develop

Author: Aaron Loh is a British-trained Singaporean, presently a Senior Faculty Member for full and part time GS-BATM at the Assumption University of Thailand. Whilst Nanyasopark Swasdiwat, a Thai national, is the Program Director in the School of Law in the same University. The University is the first university offering international programs in Thailand since the 60’s whilst its student comes from almost 80 different countries in the world. Having had extensive experiences in global marketing, I had been assigned for the last 13 years, as the Senior Instructor for International Marketing Management as well as research adviser for our Graduate Studies.


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