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The faculty members are invited to listen to this short talk which crystallizes from research and experiences of conducting the online classes. The topic of this FREE webinar at the Bangkok International Digital Content (BIDC) Festival 2021 is “Management Online Class to Create Infinite Quality of Learning” in Thai.

GUEST SPEAKER: Asst. Prof. Dr. Poonsri Vate-U-Lan, Lecturer at Graduate School of Human Sciences, Assumptions University of Thailand

TOPIC: Management Online Class to Create Infinite Quality Learning (Session in Thai)

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The webinar is live on Monday 26th July, 2021 at 15.00-18.00 hrs. via ZOOM.

For more information Tel. .061-991-6154


Even before COVID-19 wreaked its global havoc, the march of technological advances already induced an unprecedented historical era of accelerated change. Technology is having an increased impact on all our lives, socially, vocationally and educationally. In education, blended learning had to be adopted to teach our students online and be prepared to welcome them back into face-to-face teaching environments but still have the learning resources readily available that are both stimulating and engaging.

Blended learning is also known as hybrid learning. Basically, as Mekhitarian* (2021) stated, the traditional learning and teaching experience is combined with online learning and some independent study, allowing the student to have more control over the time, pace, and style of their learning. Due to COVID-19, educators worldwide had to quickly set up and use online learning technologies to enable students of all ages and levels to participate individually, in groups or listen to the recordings later when attendance or internet access was difficult. It has its advantages.

AU Lecturer Invited to be an honored guest speaker at BIDC 2021 Webinar

Blended learning combines in-person activities and digital tools in education, and resources are designed to deliver the best possible learning experience.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic forced educators to consider what teaching and learning would look like at home, in class, under unprecedented circumstances and develop online tools to be provide new and innovative learning platforms online. This was not new, but the scale of online learning was indeed new to many of our colleagues in education. Educators worldwide rushed to establish tools and strategies to transfer traditional classroom learning to a distance learning setting where needed.

It is hard to imagine any benefits from the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe we as educators can see some positives in using technology more skilfully to the advantage of our students as we have had to learn new skills and fast – and we have done so. Maybe the new technologically aided skills we had to learn may augur well for our students in the future as we emerge from this era of the debilitating pandemic.

The comprehension of this issue is to survive and lead the institutions to 'grow' amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

*Mekhitarian, S. (2021). The Essential Blended Learning PD Planner : Where Classroom Practice Meets Distance Learning. SAGE Publications.

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