AU Gift from the Heart: Modern & Top Hit Song Highly Musical to the Ears: “Glong Khong Kwan”

The precious New Year gift possibly considered more valuable than any Santa Claus’ joyous Christmas gift to be fondly treasured by any recipients may be the AU recently released song “A Gift Box: Glong Khong Kwan." 

This not to be missed song depicted in the extraordinary music video shot at the elegant AU Suvarnabhumi Campus is sung by the talented and musically gifted AU music students which included the “Asian Artist Award Recipient”, an AU Freshman Danupha Kaneteerakul (Milli). 





Uniquely composed; depicting friendship, encouragements and unending hope & best wishes, the artistically rhythmic catchy song is the grand achievement of the AU Louis Nobiron School of Music and the Assumption University Student Organization (AUSO).

Moreover, such attractively and gently tuned song would not have been achieved without the worthwhile contributions of the following highly experienced musical artists concertedly joining hands to produce the artistically fine piece of musical work: “Glong Khong Kwan."  

Executive Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Pannawit Sanitharathorn, Assistant Dean, AU Louis Nobiron School of Music.
Executive Producer: Aj. Jessada Chitrakorn, Head of Music Production
Melody: Aj. Achariya Dulyapaiboon
Lyrics: Aj. Thanee Wongniwatkajorn
Rap Lyrics: Milli
Producer –Arranger: Pimtep Kongsa-ard
Guitarists: Pimtep Kongsa-ard and Natchawit Wongmanee
Bass & Keyboard: Thanat Romrun
Drum Programming: Nuttawat Chongpradub
Percussion: Nuttawat Changpradub and Jessada Chitrakorn
Instrumental Eitor: Pimtep Kongsa-ard
Vocal Editor: Nuttawat Changpradub
Mixing: Nuttawat Changpradub
Mastering: Jessada Chitrakorn
Recording: AU Louis Nobiron School of Music
Project Director: Chuntakorn Rojanasiriwat
Organized and Supported by: Assumption University Student Organization (AUSO)

Singers (Artists): AU Music Student Singers

Dyna – Kulanun Kuekomoldej
Milli – Danupha Kanateerakul (Asian Artist Award Recipient)
Pom Pom – Tanyathorn Nantasen
Nadia – Yulradee Kumkanokkan
Angie - Supanij Navasoopanich

Outstanding Composers of a "Gift Box" Song:
- Achariya Dulyapaiboon, a well-known composer who has so far composed a number of popular songs for countless singers: i.e. "Pap Jum" (of Pop Pongkool), "Ni Lae Klaum Ruk" (Peck Palitchoke) and "Khow khang Tua Eng Eeek Leaw" (ETC), Night Light (9x9) "Ru Yung" (Ton Tanasit), "Ruk Ti Pen Khong Jing"(New-Jew), "Khoa Gon" (Urboy TJ), and another co-composer

- Thanee Wongniwatkhajorn who is the former Executive and founder of Kamikaze Music Label which has produced many young singers. Presently, Thanee is an executive of Brickhouse BH who has successfully composed popularly known songs such as "Ruk Tid Siren" (My Ambulance),
"Naen Aok" (2.3.1. Feats Bai Toey R Saim), Sia Jai Tae Mai Kae" (Waii), "Dek Mee Punha"
(Four Mod), "Yak Pen Khon Sum Kun Khong Ter" (Gypso) and finally the "A Gift Box" Klong Khong Kwan."


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