Louis Nobiron School of Music honourably welcomed Italian Ambassador to Thailand, H. E. Lorenzo Galanti to open and gave a speech for opening the documentary movie, “Me and the Magic Door” at Dhevaniwet Hall, Assumption University Suvarnabhumi Campus, altogether with Francesca Andreini, the Writer, Marco Gatti, the Director, and Prof. Paolo Piazzardi.

The Embassy of Italy in Thailand, together with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Max Image Co., Ltd. released a documentary film titled “ME AND THE MAGIC DOOR - discovering Italian Architecture in Bangkok”, with the aim of promoting artistic and cultural cooperation among Italy and Thailand.

The documentary unfolds from the perspective of Fai, a Thai-Italian character who travels to Thailand to write an article about the Italian cultural heritage in Siam. The audience can follow Fai's journey and her discovery of many iconic places such as Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, inside Dusit Palace, Baan Norasing (Government House), Baan Phitsanulok and several other impressive buildings created by Italian architects and decorated by Italian artists, under the guidance of Thai personalities of the time, during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.


The Documentary was directed by Marco Gatti, written by Francesca Andreini and starring Stefania Kim Gardini, Giulietta Consentinoand Samuel Nai, this documentary film is a non-profit cultural project. It was screened for educational purposes and to stimulate cultural tourism. Screenings of the film take place at cultural events, cultural and educational activities in Italian and Thai academies, film or art festivals, and design and architecture exhibitions.

The honoured guests were welcomed by Dr. Vindhai Cocracul and Rev. Bro. Dr. Prawat Sutthinont, Vice President and Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs, with Asst. Prof. Dr. Pannawit Sanitnarathorn, Dean, Louis Nobiron School of Music.