July 17, 2022

Assumption University of Thailand engaging with intelligent and talented young minds from Myanmar

Thirty bright, high achieving High School Myanmar Students led by Colonel Tin Zaw Latt, eight Myanamar administrators, Assistant Military Attaché Major Zayar Oo and two other assistants, visited the Assumption University of Thailand‘s Suvarnabhumi Campus, on an exposure mission to Thai Higher Education in a private university. The Director of the Office of International Affairs, Ajarn Kyaw San from the Martin de Tours School of management and Economics, the Director of the AU Library, and Mr. Vrong Chinvathananond, library staff as the University’s PR services hosted the visitors to a Campus tour which began at the Chapel, progressed there after to the University Residence Halls, the Gymnasium and concluded with a walk through the Engineering, Economics and Management buildings. The students from a Myanmar Military High school were impressed with the visit but more so with interacting with some of the present and former students of Assumption University of Thailand whom they encountered on the tour.

Above: St. Louis Marie de Montfort Chapel A group of students were excited with the physical features are a combination of French and Italian architecture, with a dome, stained glass windows and a bell tower. This chapel is used for the University’s religious functions.

Above: The Residental Halls The three 13-storey halls almost form a U-shape embracing the basketball grounds and the middle pyramid. The centre area, with rows of seats all round it, is called the King's Court. The safety measures to protect against fire include smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire escapes and emergency lighting.

Above: Sport Complex The students visited both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. It has all the necessary facilities and fitness equipment to promote sports and physical fitness of the students.

Above: The Bro. Martin Pendulum The AU physic and scientific monumental symbol of “Pendulum” is located on the 1st floor of the Vincent Mary School of Engineering


July 5, 2022

The Embassy of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar in Bangkok arranged a visit of 43 Myanmar students to Assumption University of Thailand (AU) at Suvarnabhumi Campus. 

Mr. Glen V. Chatelier
, Director of International Affairs, welcomed the visitors and gave the AU briefing after that VME lecturers led the group to visit various laboratories in Vincent Mary School of Engineering (VME) and before leaving, they also took a tour around the Suvarnabhumi Campus.