Dr. Permsin Yongvongphaiboon, Managing Director of Permsin Steel Work Public Company Limited, was invited by Asst. Prof. Dr. Jirayu Kasemsant from Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics to give a guest lecture on the topic of drop shipping on 4 January 2023. Dr. Permsin Yongvongphaiboon is one of our distinguished alumni, and this time he is lecturing mainly for marketing students especially students from MKT4811-Seminar in Marketing and MKT4848-Contemporary Issues in Marketing.

This guest lecture on the topic "The Complete Guide to Starting a Dropshipping Business" was held in VME0101 at Suvarnabhumi Campus. More than 100 teachers and students from marketing, management and international business management participated in the guest lectures. Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, president of Assumption University of Thailand (AU) also attended the event. During the lecture, the speaker actively interacted with the students. The speaker shared a lot of his experience in drop shipping business and many real business cases. Through this lecture, students and teachers have learned a lot of knowledge that they have not been exposed to in class.

Drop Shipping Business, is the supply chain management by transferring custom order shipping details to the supplier. The supplier will ship the product directly to the customer. Then you don’t need to keep a stock and buy large quantities of product but choose the suppliers.

10 Professional Online Selling Techniques

  1. List products on the platform as many as possible.
  2. Have many payment method options.
  3. Post your all contact information on every platform you sell.
  4. Ship within 1-2 Days.
  5. Reply to the customer within 15 minutes.
  6. Provide product information as much as possible.
  7. Launch attractive promotion at the end of every month
  8. Advertise with every new product
  9. Track customers and Ask them to review products.
  10. Apply the cash on delivery. 



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Congratulations to Dr. Permsin Yongvongphaiboon, A Graduate of MSME
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