On September 21, 2022, Louis Nobiron School of Music organized a performance from MU0201-2 Music Ensemble I & II (Development of techniques as band or ensemble players and study of selected repertoire ton performance standard) where students in the class joined up and set their own band and perform a concert at the end of the semester. Each band performed three songs ranging in different styles and genres from pop to jazz, blues to rock.

The highlight was at the end when the renowned guest artist, TEE JETSET’ER (Khun Pipitpol Phukkanasut) came to surprise with a mini concert for music students performing four famous songs including Juub (Kiss) and Ter Keng (Still) the masterpieces from Jetset’er, the nation’s top of pop & soul band. Tee Jetset’er is also our Assumption University Alumnus whom he and his band released his first studio album when he was in his final year at the university and has become the pop star since then. This ensemble class was instructed by A. Vitti Thitivongse and A. Thanyaratai Jaturatamrong