AU Freshy Night was held on September 14-15, 2022 from 4 PM. to 10 PM. For a total period of 2 days. The objective is to welcome all freshy, build a good attitude toward them, and increase the relationship between all students.

The theme of this year is “The Knight of the round table” which we want to convey that everyone is equal and all talented people can live together without being superior to one another. There are many activities being held in the event to reach our objectives including performances by all faculties, AU ambassador competitions, special performances by the winners of the AU Band Audition, as well as exclusive concerts by famous artists such as Getsunova, Earth Patravee, Mekjack, and Aun Jessada We also have a variety of food and beverage booths that have been prepared for all participants to enjoy the events.

For the highlight of the event, we start the first day with special performances from every faculties which made it possible to see the unity of the students in the faculty and create impressive performances together. Moreover, these shows build a strong relationship between students in the faculty. After that, we had AU brand ambassador contest. This competition has changed from the Prince and Princess competition. In order to create equality without being subject to beauty privilege, focus on the talent and good attitude of the contestants. After that, we prepared concerts by famous artists to enjoy all students and make them have a good time with each other after they have put in the effort to perform a memorable show in the event.

This year AU Freshy Night, we received good responses from the participants and our objectives were achieved. We therefore consider this event a success. And we expect next year to receive a positive response from everyone as always. See you next year!