“The purpose of sports is not to win but to recreate and to educate; just as in life, its purpose is not to succeed but to struggle and to live. Remember that sport operates upon the basis of Law and Order. In this context, a man has a chance to experience himself as a human being.” – Prathip M. Komolmas

AU Games 2022 “The Colosseum” was held on November 22 – December 15, 2022. The objective is to enhance AU students in every aspect of sporting potential and encourage sportsmanship among players. The theme of this year is coming with “The Colosseum” which we present in the perspective of sharing a space where all students are able to show their performance in all physical activities. There are several events included in AU Games 2022’s period, starting with the opening ceremony together with Fun Run event. Then, sports competition occurred and finish with the closing ceremony with Fun games activities open for all students to join.


In the Fun Run event in the opening ceremony, there are 2 categories of running which are 3 km. and 6 km. The participants included all students and AU’s faculties members and staff, who are able to cross the finish line will receive the medal and prizes for first 3 runners who win the event. Moving to sport competition.

This year, we have a total of 4 sports which consist of followings: football, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. In all competition, students can freely form up their team regardless of faculties they are currently study, to create opportunity for all student to enjoy in sport matches. Finish the AU Games with the closing ceremony, we have fun games activities to invite all students to enjoy physical activities regardless of professions in certain sports and celebrate for all athletes who achieve ranking in each sport and will receive trophies, medals, and certificates.