The three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the only angels named in Sacred Scripture and all three have important roles in the history of salvation.


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As September 29, 2020 marks the highly auspicious feast day of St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, it is to be noted that the three main classroom buildings & halls of the reputable Catholic Assumption University of Thailand, Suvarnabhumi Campus are named after them in honor of these Saints.

St. Michael

Feast day of the Archangels; St. Michael-St. Gabriel-St. Raphael

On the external wall are two high reliefs. One of them depicts foreign dignitaries having an audience with Siam’s King Narai and the other depicts a Siamese diplomatic mission having an audience with France’s King Louis XIV. The arched doorway in the middle of the St. Michael Building is called Si Rattanakosin. In the porch is a white statue of Sir Isaac Newton opposite that of Albert Einstein. Both were geniuses whose discoveries and experiments led the world to a new era of high technology.

This building houses the registration, finance and administration. Standing at Si Rattanakosin gate one sees the Cathedral of Learning to the front with the AU logo above the entrance door, and to the rear is the long boulevard leading to the Martin Rangsan Bridge. The bridge is the gateway to the clock tower and residence hall.

St. Gabriel

Feast day of the Archangels; St. Michael-St. Gabriel-St. Raphael

On the front external wall of this building is inscribed H.M. The King’s message, in which he emphasized that the essence of an academic system is to make students have both erudition and rectitude. Opposite this wall is a white statue of St. Peter – the Head of Jesus’ disciples.

Walking through the arched corridor through the 3 main buildings, one encounters an artful manipulation of Oriental and Western styles; of modern technology and ancient value. Above the first gate called “Sukhothai Thammathani” is a domed roof under which is a teacher’s lounge in the ivory tower, akin to that of the opposite gate.

The big arched doorway in the middle of the St. Gabriel Building is called “Si Ayutthaya Anuson.” Looking up one sees a red ceiling ornamented with gilded flowers. On both sides of the wall are mural paintings, one of them depicts three Ayutthaya pagodas and the other is a dramatic scene of the Loy Krathong festival at Sukhothai’s historical park.

Sukhothai and Ayutthaya were former capitals of Thailand. The painting were done by AU’s art section. Below this doorway is the exit from the underground parking lot.

St. Raphael

Feast day of the Archangels; St. Michael-St. Gabriel-St. Raphael

The St. Michael and St. Raphael buildings are connected at gate 5 - Navamintrmaharaj. At this point is a marble spiral stairway, the highest one in Thailand. The wrought-iron banister that curls up the fourth floor resembles that of The Louvre Palace in Paris. Each step is wide and shallow. On the way up one sees white winged angels blowing small trumpets overhead.

The arched doorway in the middle of the St. Raphael Building is the sixth of seven gates in the three main buildings. It is named Prasart Assumption. Looking doew from the porch one sees the entry to the underground car park. The walls at this point are also painted in Thai themes. One of the two murals depicts the Temple of the Emerald Buddha with its spectacular spires, tiered roofs and pagogas. The other is a painting of the Royal Barge Suphannahongse folating in the Chao Phraya River, with the Temple of Dawn in the background.

On the ground floor of the St. Raphael building are the Grand Salon; a VIP room; the Office of the President; University Archives ad President Emeritus. The salon, beautifully adorned with carpets and elegant furniture, is used for the Academic Award Ceremony.