The 48th Thai University Games “Dok Chan Ban Chiang Games” has ended on January 30, 2023. There were 49 AU athletes for 9 types of sports including tennis, swimming, badminton, taekwondo, jujitsu, hapkido, Go, Crossword, and table tennis joined in the competition.

The final medal summary for Assumption University in “Dok Chan Ban Chiang Game" is ranked 21st from 122 institutions. The athletes won 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 16 bronze from 5 types of sport including tennis, taekwondo, hapkido, swimming and go.

Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus will be the host of the 49th Thai University Games with the name “Nontri Games” during January 27 – February 5, 2024.

The Results of Each Sport Competition

AU started the first bronze medal from Taekwondo in the female individual fighting category, 73 kg or more from Ms. Natwara Rattanachotikornkul (น.ส. ณัฐวรา รัตนโชติกรกุล), her Nickname is Gun. In the first round, N’Gun was able to draw a lottery through the first round to wait for the opponent between Chula and Thammasat. As a result, N’Gun passed through to compete with athletes from Chulalongkorn University and on January 22 competed. It's a pity that N’Gun was able to take the lead in the first round. Unfortunately, she lost in the second and third rounds. To win the bronze medal in this competition, we would like to congratulate N’Gun on the first bronze medal in the university sports and also the first medal of the Assumption University sports team.

Congratulations to another bronze medal of the Assumption University sports team, Ms. Kotchawan Chomchuen (นางสาวกชวรรณ ชมชื่น) from taekwondo in the Poomse category, female individual., scored 7.600, turning from 5th to 4th place. She won a bronze medal for the Assumption University sports team.

The taekwondo cheerleaders had fun every second until they won 2 more bronzes in the category. After doing a great job winning two bronzes in the first two days of the competition, today, the taekwondo sports team continuously perform a great task to win two more bronze medals for the university.

The first bronze medal from male fighting version, weight not over 58 kg. Mr. Shin Saito (นาย ชิน ซาอิโตะ) was able to pass the quarterfinals by beating athletes from Rangsit University for 2.0 games and passed through the semifinals to meet athletes from Rangsit University, Bangkok Thonburi University before losing 0:2 Games won the bronze medal in this list to win.

For the bronze medal in the female individual fight category, the model weighs no more than 67 kg, from Ms. Rattikan Pingwongsa (น.ส. รัตติกาล ปิงวงศ์ษา), who could beat athletes from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi 2:0 games through the semifinals to meet athletes from Kasetsart University. The overall picture of the game is even and take turns to get score and. However, in the last game back to being an athlete from Kasetsart University could compete with the rhythm of kicking into the head of Rattikarn until she made it possible to win the last game at the last minute.

The tennis team has done a great job, winning 2 historical bronzes in many years for Assumption University Team.

Another type of sport Assumption University has consistently participated in university sports competitions, namely the tennis team. This year as well, Assumption University sent athletes to participate in this event. And is another sports team where athletes are determined to do their best despite many years of determination. In the end, the medal has not yet been handed together. Until finally being able to do the best work in the Dok Jan Ban Chiang Games this year, able to win 2 bronze medals in the male (Ms. Natthapat P. and Ms. Chanikarn S.) and female (Mr. Nathan J. and Mr. Khomtat K.) team categories.

The female tennis team of Assumption University was able to beat athletes from Khon Kaen University entered the quarterfinals with 2:0 games and passed the semifinals to meet athletes from National Sports University but lost 2:0 games as well.

Taekwondo is still strong. N’ Ploy lost to the national team in the finals but grab the first silver medal in this tournament for AU.

In the Dok Jan Ban Chiang Games sports festival, there was still an ongoing competition for Taekwondo. Today there are a total of three competitions as follows; 

  1. Male fighting type Weight not over 87 kg. Mr. Napat Palagawong (นายณภัส ปาลกะวงศ์)
  2. Male fighting type Weight not over 63 kg. Mr. Atiwit Konprom (นายอติวิชญ์ กอนพรม)
  3. Female fight type Weight not over 57 kg. Miss Ploylapus Chaiprasit (น.ส. พลอยลภัส ชัยประสิทธิ์)

For the results of the competition in various categories are as follows;

Male combat type Weight no more than 87 kg., Mr. Napat Palakawong could beat competitors from Burapha University in the first round. He got 2:0 games through to the quarterfinals meeting with competitors from Chulalongkorn University but Mr. Napat lost 1:2, making the best performance in this round.

Male combat type Weight not over 63 kg., Mr. Atiwit Konprom could beat competitors from Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin in the first round. He got 2:0 games and in the next round, he met athletes from Thammasat University but lost 0:2 games.

In the female fighting category Weight not over 57 kg., Chiang Mai University got 2:0 games and passed the semi-finals with athletes from National Sports University in which Ploy was able to win 2:0 games and finally passed to the finals and met with athletes from Bangkok Thonburi University which has a degree in the national team and has been the experience of competing in the Olympic level. When the game started, Nong Ploy didn't respect the dignity of her opponent, the score odds even in the first game but was defeated and scored at the end of the game, causing the first game lost to the opponent. But in the second round, after starting to find a rhythm for a while, it appeared that athletes from Bangkok Thonburi University showed experience and national team skills Seize the moment to score from a kick to the head, leave the gem until closing the game beautifully, winning 2:0 games.

The ABAC swimming sports team made a great performance, winning another bronze for the university from Mr. Passakorn Sridilok in the men's 100m backstroke, starting to compete in the qualifying round in the morning. The AU swimming sports team sent athletes to compete in 2 categories;

  1. Backstroke 100 m. Male Mr.Passakorn Sridilok (ชายนายพัสกร ศรีดิลก)
  2. Butterfly 50 m. Male Mr.Phumphut Ruengsa-ard (นายภูมพุฒิ เรืองสะอาด)

In which both athletes passed the qualifying round by swimming to the edge of the pool in 3rd place, which gave the swimming team hope to win a medal. In the afternoon, when competing in the finals in the men's 50-meter butterfly category, Mr. Phumput Ruangsa-ard swam to the finish line in 5th place, unfortunately missing the medal.

Another item that can win a medal is in the men's 100-meter backstroke, Mr. Passakorn Sridilok, who can swim to the finish line in third place with a time of 1.01.45 behind athletes from Bangkok Thonburi University and Chulalongkorn University go to the extreme.

Congratulations to Mr. Passakorn Sridilok or Frame for this award medal including all team members, team managers, consultants, trainers and all swimming teammates. We would like to cheer up for those who did not receive the medal but it shows the spirit of doing their sportsmanship to the fullest. May every experience help to fulfill and develop yourself to be more advanced in the next competition.

Men's Go Doubles Wins another medal, the AU sports team continues to perform well today. The go game athletes in the men's double category are; Mr. Sethsiri Chanthaburi (นายเศรษฐสิริ จันทบุรี) and Mr. Apiwat Yamyeesun (นายอภิวัชร์ แย้มยี่สุ่น). Both of them are fully dedicated to compete with friends from other institutions with many elite talents. Finally they won 1 bronze medal for Assumption University in the Dok Chan Ban Chiang Games competition this time. We congratulate both athletes and those behind the scenes, including coaches, team managers and consultants, who all play an important part in this award medal.

Women's taekwondo team grab another Bronze. Assumption University sports team won total of 9 medals, including 1 silver and 8 bronze, and today, the Assumption University sports team, Manchan still has a sports team to continuously compete in the competition including swimming, badminton, taekwondo, tennis, go and crossword.

For today's highlights including the Taekwondo competition in the team category, which Assumption University sent representatives to compete in two categories; male and female teams.

The athletes in male's team are;

  1. Mr. Clement Taechin Berrie (นายเคลย์มัง เตชินท์ แบริเยร์)
  2. Mr. Pannatat Padungyos (นายปัณณทัต ผดุงยศ)
  3. Mr. Shin Saito (นายชิน ซาอิโตะ)
  4. Mr. Atiwit Konprom (นายอติวิชญ์ กอนพรม)
  5. Mr. Panachai Jaijulla (นายปณชัย ใจจุลละ)

The athletes competed in the first round with Bangkok Thonburi University team. The result is Assumption University lost to Bangkok Thonburi University 0:2 games.
The athletes in female's team are;

  1. Ms. Chanakan Saowaros (น.ส. ชนกานต์ เสาวรส)
  2. Ms. Juthaluck Sittipol (น.ส. จุฑาลักษณ์ สิทธิผล)
  3. Ms. Nuttawadee Rittizin (น.ส. ณัฐวดี ฤทธิศีล)
  4. Ms. Rattikan Pingwongsa (น.ส. รัตติกาล ปิงวงศ์ษา)
  5. Miss Ploylapus Chaiprasit (น.ส. พลอยลภัส ชัยประสิทธิ์)

The first round met with teams from National Sports University, the result of the competition is Assumption University won 2:0 games, passed the semi-finals to meet Kasetsart University, unfortunately lost 0:2 games, resulting in a bronze medal in this type of competition. This is considered the sixth medal that the Taekwondo AU team has achieved in this competition.

Once again, congratulations on the excellent work of the Taekwondo Sports Team, Assumption University, who have done in this Dok Jan Ban Chiang Games competition.

Shark frame grabs one more bronze from the men's 50-meter backstroke. Swimming team is another type of sport that is constantly competitive. And today the swimming team did a great job and won another bronze medal by Mr. Passakorn Sridilok (นายพัสกร ศรีดิลก) from the male 50-meter backstroke category. The frame shark took off very well at first until reaching the middle of the pool, it began to be beaten by competitors. Bangkok Thonburi and Chula swam up until she narrowly overtook the lead made 3rd place swimming results, with this work being the second medal of Mr. Patsakorn and the Assumption University swimming team. Congratulations once again to all the team behind the scenes including consultants, team managers, coaches and assistants Including all swimming team mates.

Hapkido showed great performance, won 2 golds and 2 bronzes in Than Dok Jan Ban Chiang Games. Congratulations on 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals from Hapkido, the first gold medal from Ms. Ploylaphat Chaiprasit (น.ส. พลอยลภัส ชัยประสิทธิ์) in the weight category, not over 60 kg. In the first round, she was able to defeat athletes from Burapha University in Outscore style in the second round, in the semifinals met with the National Sports University and won outscore style in round two as well and entered the finals to meet Rangsit University. She won in the fight in the third round so she won a gold medal.

The second gold medal is from the individual fighting category, weight no more than 65 kg, Mr. Atiwit Konprom (นายอติวิชญ์ กอนพรม) started the fight in the first round, defeating an athlete from Chulalongkorn University in an outscore style in the first round, in the quarterfinals defeated an athlete from Chulalongkorn University. Srinakharinwirot University went in the first round because his opponent suffered an injury during the match. In the semifinals met with Bangkok Thonburi University and could defeated in the third round to the final to meet Chiang Mai University and managed to outscore in the third round, winning the second gold medal for the Hapkido sports team.

For today's bronze medal, the first medal is from the female combat category, weight not over 65 kg., Ms. Muslin Lengsakul (น.ส. มัสลิน เหล็งสกุล) who competed in the first round and won Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The game went outscore in the second round, passing through the semifinals to meet Dalit Rangsit University but the athlete injured during the race, finally Muslin got a bronze medal. The the second bronze medal is from the category male person fight, weight not over 60 kg, Mr. Shin Saito (นายชิน ซาอิโตะ).

In the first round, he was able to defeat an opponent from Chulalongkorn University with outscore style in the second round and in the semi-finals to meet Chiang Mai University and won outscore in the second round. However, during the suspension of the match, an injury occurred and so he had to withdraw from the competition in the end. The result is a bronze medal in this competition.

The first gold medal of Assumption University is from women's tennis pairs, Ms. Chanikarn Silkul (น.ส. ชนิกานต์ ศิลกุล) from the Graduate School and Ms. Natthaphat Pewbangrak (น.ส. ณัฐพัชร์ ผิวบางรักษ์) from the Faculty of Business Administration. In this competition, Assumption University defeated Mahidol University and could go in two sets in a row. Congratulations to both athletes for competing in this occasion.

Another important factor to mention is the team behind the athletes who have been working continuously before this Thailand University Games, namely the sports center, tennis team consultant and team manager, Pathompong Srinithee, trainer, Mr. Warat Na Nakhon, physiotherapist team, massage team who takes care of rehabilitation for athletes throughout the competition. This includes all the tennis teammates who have been there to support their friends since the start of the competition.

Go team still joined in the competition until the last day, grabbing 2 more bronzes from Men's Individual and Men's team.

The checkered sports team stood up and fought until the last day, grabbing another 2 bronzes from the men's single Go game, Mr. Tiansiri Reanrungroj (P) นายเทียนศิริ เหรียญรุ่งโรจน์ and another bronze medal from the men's team category;

  1. Mr. Setthasiri Chanthaburi (Korn) นายเศรษฐสิริ จันทบุรี
  2. Mr. Apiwat Yamyisoon (Tee) นายอภิวัชร์ แย้มยี่สุ่น
  3. Mr. Wasayos Poonlappanit (Fourdo) นายวัสยศ พูนลาภพาณิชย์

Congratulations to the Sports Center, District Consultant, Ajarn Yanatorn Premkamol, team manager, Ajarn Supawadee Wongthamma, trainer, Mr. Kamol Santipojchana, who always take care of the Go team before the competition and made the beautiful and meaningful ending of the Dok Jan Ban Chiang Games.