I am Emily Marie Anthony, a religious of the Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Congregation in Myanmar. I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Assumption University of Thailand. I am deeply indebted to my spiritual and educational cradle, Assumption University, the Brothers of St. Gabriel, the professors, the classmates and the staff.

What did I gain from studying philosophy? I experienced Liberation, Enlightenment, Courage, Hope, Sympathy, Creativity, and Cooperativeness.

It came into my mind what Bro. Bancha said and the philosophy of AU President Emeritus, Bro. Martin. AU President-Magnificus, Rev. Bro. Bancha said and I quote, “Philosophy helps you.” 
I understood it as helping oneself, the way to cope with life, relationships, and challenges in life. President Emeritus, Rev. Bro. Martin is known for his philosophy, “Educating Intelligences and Active Minds to Change the World.”

 I believe that we all have the moral responsibility to improve the world by helping change passive minds to active minds. So, Philosophy as thought provoking and other disciplines are essential to change the world for betterment.

Critical thinking and sound reasoning have opened up my eyes, releasing me from unhelpful, narrow principles and beliefs. Enlightenment refers to the broader perception that creates a broader mind. Cooperativeness means that it is not just relying on oneself alone or on a few people’s perspectives but also being open and accountable to as many people as possible. Moreover, it is open to unfathomable ways and opportunities. Hence, I have the courage to take risks with clear conscience.

Higher studies are not always easy and comfortable. They demand mental energy and spiritual strength. The Majestic beauty and the grandeur of the Assumption University of Thailand in the garden and the warmness of the Brothers, Professors, classmates, staff, gardeners to cleaners have helped me to go through all the difficulties and challenges in life.

Thank you for the privilege to share my gratitude.