The Louis Nobiron School of Music, Assumption University of Thailand (AU), organized its popular music camp once again, "AU Music Training Camp No. 9: The Music Entrepreneurship Series," on May 11 -13, 2022 at the Cathedral of Learning, Suvarnabhumi Campus. Thirty high school students who have a passion for music and want to learn and understand working in the music industry, both in the foreground and behind the scenes, attended the camp.


This camp aims to provide opportunities for talented youths with musical and entrepreneurial interests from all regions of Thailand to have opportunities for self-improvement and gain inspiration from artists.

In the camp activities, participants learn about the Music Entrepreneurship cores such as Musicianship, Business, Production and Data Analytics. The specialty of this camp lies in its fun, knowledge, content, warmth and inspiration. Many highly qualified music faculty members and well-known artists and producers work closely with the students during the camp while welcoming them to AU.


This camp featured many renowned guest artists such as Pon (Clash), Ink Waruntorn, Pingpong Sirasak, Potay Mean and Kiddorecords and guests from various music companies who came and shared their knowledge and experiences with the participants.


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DAY #1 (11 May 2022)

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DAY #2 (12 May 2022)

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DAY #3 (13 May 2022)